Story Writing

Last month I finally picked up the fantasy story that I had started writing as a tween. I have gotten to the point where I’m so into “whats gonna happen next” that I want to pick up a volume and read it! …the problem is that the story is not in a tangible form. It mostly lies in my brain and in various notebooks, post-its, and word files.


Reading story tonight = No.


The parts that I can read (easily) are from a million years ago and still make me cover my head in shame. I could delete them but I am rather attached to their awkward and embarrassing transitions. It’s a piece of my youth. ovo

If I ever finish my story I am going to print one copy on Lula and read it ten times and then loan it to all my siblings to read and make fun of me for my strange imagination. Yep. It’s the perfect plan. 

Have you ever tried writing a book? What were some of your setbacks?

Thanks for reading!

-Anna San

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