Because You Do Not Ask…

In today’s devotional the writer referenced a fictional story about a boy who God showed two warehouses of stuff. One was filled with money, cars and other worldly posessions, the other had stacks of various limbs. The worldly one represented the things people prayed for and the other with miscellaneous body parts represented answers to prayers not prayed. God wants to bless us more than we want even for ourselves, and if we don’t ask, we won’t receive.

It’s actually a challenging one to think about. How often do I neglect to pray about a basic physical ailment, yet pray for unnecessary things? Probably more than I care to admit.

Today I awoke shivering and still no fever. 😑 After a moment of whining about the rollercoaster of “yes I’m sick – or not?” of the past 3 days I snapped out of it and looked at big picture. I thanked God for His blessing and asked for full restoration of health. Sickness isn’t in His plan, and it isn’t in mine either. 🙂

Lord Jesus, thank you for the unexpected gift of health the past three days. I ask now for full healing and restoration of health as well as strength and clarity to prepare for inventory well. Amen.

“Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you.” Luke 11:9

Thranduil Box!

After a month + of waiting, my Thranduil trinket box has come in! It has a latch on the outside to keep treasures in the box and my name inscribed on the lid in case I mix it up with someone elses…? 😉

I really like this artwork of Thranduil. It’s quite detailed and even has his sword~! 😍 After I did my Hobbit and LotR marathon last month I realized that most Thranduil items on eBay are movie merch but they are way too expensive and mass produced. Mehhh… Once I found this box on Etsy I had to get it and am quite pleased. 🙂

If you want to check it out, it is from GiftsFairyCrafts on Etsy.

It’s About Attitude

Today while I was updating price tags I happened to be by my coworker who was assisting a husband and wife with selecting glasses.

The wife had tried on cateye frames and thought they were too loud but they started growing on her. After trying a larger version of the glasses she started recounting that everytime she would try to choose a larger frame her friends would shoot it down and talk her into a smaller frame.

She was feeling a bit exasperated, ‘I have a big face and they don’t want me to wear a large frame. What type of women actually wear these?’

I turned around, looked her right in the eye and said, “Sometimes it just comes down to attitude.” And I thrust my left hip out tossed my hair and put my hand on my hip.

As a big woman myself I could empathize with her frustration. I have had many wardrobe pieces that didn’t meet the dressing room critic’s approval, but if it fits and I really like it, I take that extra bit of care to style it and just own the look. Because of my confident attitude I end up getting compliments – even from the naysayers. 😉

At a certain point you have to stop worrying about everyone’s opinion and be confident and happy with what you’re wearing. -me

I don’t know if she will purchase the cateye glasses, but if she does, I hope she gets them because she loves them. 🙂



Jesus I trust in you

In times of trial, Jesus I trust in you.

In times of confusion, Jesus I trust in you.

In times of silence, Jesus I trust in you.

In times of waiting, Jesus I trust in you.

In times of joy, Jesus I trust in you.

In times of sadness, Jesus I trust in you.

In every thought and every feeling every moment of my life, Jesus I trust in you. Amen.

Week One: Top Accomplishment

It’s hard to believe it’s already been a full week since 2020 began! I’ve been working on a variety of goals but my top accomplishment of this week was…

Completing Step One of the Magic of Tidying Up!

  • No more laundry baskets chilling on my floor!
  • All my clothes fit well and I want to wear them!
  • I actually know what I have and where they are at!
  • Shoes and accessories have been streamlined to what I like best!
  • New clothes aquired!

I dabbled with a few other steps so I can shut drawers, doors and see my floor. 😉 One crazy difference is that my alarm clock is now echoing off my bare floor making it even louder! Who knew! XD

I’ve been content with enjoying the fruit of this endeavor the past few days but will be tackling my books collection this weekend. I am a little leary of this step since I have new books I haven’t started reading yet from last year. Some of the older parts of my collection I could see parting with though… I have about 160 books on my bookcase. How many books do you think I’ll get rid of?

What was your top accomplishment for the week? 🙂

Spark Joy

One of the odds and ends on my extended new years resolution list is to Konmari my bedroom.

I have read the Magic of Tidying Up, Spark Joy and the Manga of Tidying Up, but have never been in a place where I was ready to take it on. I find that for projects like this, I need inner peace and clarity. With this new year, God has brought me into a season of stillness which is perfect for tidying! 🙂

So far I have gone through my clothes. Touching all of them to know if they spark joy wasn’t really necessary but I did have a few shirts that I was on the fence about even after trying on. It wasn’t until I put them back that I knew that I didn’t want to wear them again! XD

With an empty closet at home and a fist full of dollars, I journeyed to the thrift store to find some new clothes that I was excited to wear.

To be honest though, clothes shopping is one of my least favorite types of shopping trips – especially at thrift stores.

“The clothes I want are never my size…” I whine every time.

Today it was different. I was grateful for all the “closed doors” so that I could narrow down my choices efficiently. I used my selfie camera since there wasn’t a mirror handy, but mainly relied on my brother for feedback. Often stating my likes and dislikes out loud made me see clearly that a shirt wasn’t working. I left the first store with only two items but the information I learned from it helped me navigate the second store faster and left with five more items.

I am pleased with my finds and can’t wait to wear a new outfit tomorrow! 🙂

What is really coming to life for me is that tidying is a very personal thing. No one else can choose what items bring me joy to wear or decorate my space like I can. Just because my likes are different than others, it doesn’t mean it’s wrong. It’s just a unique expression of my personality. Giving myself permission to keep or wear what I like best instead of what I feel obligated to keep is quite freeing even in this early stage.

Lord Jesus thank you for today. Thank you for helping me make space in my life for new opportunities by releasing a bit of the old that no longer serves a purpose or brings me joy. I ask for your continued help and strength as I tackle the other areas so that I may create a space that allows me to be attentive to your promptings and that I’ll able to do more of what makes me happy. Amen.

Empty Promises

I stopped by the thrift store this evening and the shelves of preowned weight loss guides got my attention. Each book claimed to be different than all the rest – a true solution for the battle of the bulge and yet there they were, gathering dust on the shelf.

It got me thinking… whether it’s weightloss, overcoming bad habits or turning our finances around, we all look for a savior to free us from our misery. Being desperate for change and wanting immediate relief often brings us into the clutches of opportunists who reel us in with lofty promises and slick marketing. Once suckered it begins to feel like there is no one worthy of trust and that we are doomed to stay the same forever. However there is a savior who speaks truth and always delivers on his promises.

He is Jesus Christ.

Unlike the marketers online, Jesus knows and loves each one of us personally. He loved us so much that he died for us! He always has our highest good in mind and has a solution to every problem we come up with.

How much different would the world be if we came to Jesus with our needs first instead of throwing money at wishful thinking and fast results?

Lord Jesus, thank you for your immense love and faithfulness. I am sorry for all the times I have jumped the gun and tried to solve my own problems without consulting you. I ask for the grace to discern calmly and logically and to call upon you first from now on. Amen.