For Advent I decided that I needed to break the hibernation mold of the past few months and do something new. As a part of this list I got a gym membership and decided to check out their available fitness classes. Cue zumba

I’ve heard about zumba from my aunt for years but have never tried it. After reading the brief description in the gym app I pulled up a video on it. Zumba is Latin dance inspired moves for fitness, so you’re basically dancing the calories away for an hour lol. It sounded intriguing so I signed up.

It is fun, very fast, with an energetic instructor demonstrating the moves …and I was like the majestic magicarp, amazing my classmates with my uh, skill. 😆 New experiences always have a learning curve and they encouraged me to keep trying. I’m already looking forward to the next session!

What fitness classes have you taken?

Happy Fall!

Yellow pumpkins! 😮

Happy first day of fall everyone!

I don’t know about your state, but the mitten always loves to make a show when it goes from August to September and from last day of summer to first day of autumn. It has been raining cats and dogs here all day! And when I checked the rain gauge last, we were at 4 inches which would be like 4 feet of snow in cold weather! XD Definitely feel the change!

Wishing you a lovely new season!


Happy Summerween!

It’s the last day of summer and boy what a summer it was! I did so many activities and hung out with so many people! Super happy about that!

With the end of each season I always have the sense that I should have or could have done more. That feeling is particularly strong this year as most of my preferred summer activities didn’t work out due to some unexpected challenges. But guess what? My summer was good enough.

I’m choosing to focus on and be grateful for what I could do. I am grateful for all the local hiking trails I was able to explore with my bro. I am thankful for all times I was able to get to the beach to read. I am thankful for the family camping trip. I am thankful for all the bowling, kayaking, minigolfing and disc golfing outings I went to with my friends. To be honest, I’m absolutely terrible at sports, but I can still laugh about it!

Thank you Lord for all these and the many other experiences I’ve had this summer. May you guide my steps as I enter into this new season. Amen.