Happy Half-Birthday Everything Anna! 2014

Celebrating 7 1/2 years online. :3

Thank you for your continued support!

-Anna San

Happy Early Birthday to Me!

Due to everyone’s conflicting schedules, my family celebrated my 27th birthday today. Since I usually celebrate my birthday on my birthday, a number of my siblings wished me a “Happy Birthday Party” instead. Lol. 

Happy Birthday Anna!

Happy Birthday Me!

My party was just an intimate gathering with my parents, siblings, and grandparents.


Wishing really hard! …with some help 😉

Menu: pizza, salad, beer, cake and ice cream; Entertainment: Rummycub, Farkle and Apples to Apples.



A big thank you to my wonderful family for a lovely party and for coming out in this frigid weather~!

Thanks for reading!

-Anna San


My baby sister Nina turns 17 tomorrow!!! It’s craziness yo! D: Anywhozits I am unable to attend her birthday party this year. Plain and simple it just isn’t going to work out so….

Imma gonna surprise her. Shh… it’s a secret. :3

I purchased neon pink candles…


Neon Pink Candles…

am adding more sprinkles to the cake ’cause there’s pink in them…


More sprinkles couldn’t hurt right?

and I bought a small cupcake cake! (Once I saw this one I was sold! So convenient!)


Add sprinkles to cupcake cake and presto!

The idea is to zoom over there before work, gallumph into her room, wake her up, sing happy birthday and take a cupcake for the road. Yep. Nothing can possibly go wrong with this plan.

Wish me luck~!

Thanks for reading!

-Anna San

Happy Birthday Mom!


13″x9″ Carrot Cake

Today is my mom’s birthday and being the thoughtful, loving and caring daughter that I am, I made her a carrot cake – from scratch.

This year I followed along with the recipe from Food Network with the exception of a few things such as pastry flour (All Purpose will have to do), omitting salt, not using a sifter (mine died T^T), using a 13X9 instead of three 9″ round pans and not following the time guidelines. (24 hours before frosting the cake??! Not happening. ) The carrot cake is topped with cream cheese frosting and walnuts – and of course I had to do the obligatory carrots on top. 😀 Since the batter tasted so good I am confident that when it’s time to serve, the completed cake will taste even better! 🙂

Birthday Blanket

A couple months ago, I picked up this lovely bit of fleece from a fabric auction. 🙂


When I first saw the pattern I was like “Eww… fishing.” Then lightbulb~! My brothers are in scouts and had been learning how to fly-fish at the time so I decided to turn it into a blanket for the one with the closest birthday. 🙂


So once again I wrangled the serger – which was much easier than when I had first used it on my dad’s blanket. 🙂




Since I decided to do rounded corners, Nina had to help tug me the fabric into submission. ^^;


However I felt more and more like a pro with the straight edges. 🙂




When I finished serging, Nina threaded the remaining tail into a needle and had me weave the end in.


The prettiest rounded corner (Nina did this one!)


Finished! Happy birthday little bro!