Homemade Sushi

A few weeks ago I decided I wanted to try my hand at making sushi rolls and picked up the ingredients.

Today was the day I decided to give it a go!

When I prepped the rice, the vinegar mixture that I had to pour in it was so potent it was burning off my eyebrows! 🤣

My first batch turned out messy and my knife wasn’t sharp enough to cleanly slice through the nori. The flavor balance was off and the textures were all wrong.

Messy but mine lol

So for the second batch I reduced the imitation crab, cut the cucumber thinly and added in a bit of cream cheese. It balanced out the flavor but my nori wrappers were still too dry/chewy and my filling wasn’t centered.

However since my brother approved of the second batch, I feel it was a successful endeavor! 😁

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Brighten Up

Happy Sunday! Just wanted to share my new flowers. I updated my seasonal floral arrangement with these beauties from Dollar Tree! I’ve been obsessed with wildflower themed items on Pinterest lately and I think I captured that vibe nicely with this bunch. 😊 It really brightens up the room!

New Faux Flowers

McCormick vs. Bigelow

Today I decided to answer the week old question of which brand has the more enjoyable chamomile tea; McCormick or Bigelow?

For my first test I steeped a bag of each for 5 minutes in a 4oz teacup.

The color and aroma of the tea was nearly indistinguishable. However there was a difference in flavor. The McCormick had a more robust flavor but had a slightly bitter taste as well. Bigelow had a lighter and smooth flavor with no bitter edge. Round 1 winner: Bigelow

After the results came in from the first I decided it was important to know how each tea bag fared with a refill. Thus round 2 began.

After steeping another 5 minutes, McCormick was noticibly lighter in color than Bigelow and had very little flavor. Bigelow however tasted exactly the same as the first! Winner round 2: Bigelow.

The Winner!

Overall winner: Bigelow Cozy Chamomile!

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Games just aren’t the same

Today I played the adult version of pick up sticks! 🤣

I needed fresh air and the yard needed some “de-sticking” so I got to work. 😉 In 20 minutes I accumulated a large pile.

The best part about playing this game is the prize, which is to have a bonfire using all the sticks I picked up!

Being still, watching the dancing flames and listening to the crackle and hiss of the branches was a nice end to the day. I think I’ll do it again tomorrow! 😊

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Keeping Busy

The dragon heart! Er… fruit.

Today amid the hustle and bustle I did something new. I tried Dragonfruit! I thought it looked like a heart and pretended I had a pulsing dragon heart in my hand but my imagination ran out after that lol.

The way to enjoy dragon fruit is to slice lengthwise and scoop out the flesh with a spoon like you do with an avocado, and slice it up however you like.

Close up

It doesn’t taste like the usual fruits at the store. I think it tastes similar to cactus fruit which is dense and lightly sweet as well, but dragonfruit is filled with kiwi like seeds versus larger unchewable seeds. I also noticed that the flesh closest to the skin has an earthy flavor so I preferred the flesh more towards the center. I’m sure there is a trick to choosing a good dragonfruit and slicing it well. 🤔

Still this was fun and I give my experience a 10/10! Will try again!

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Tendril of Honesty

Writing has always been a huge part of my life but I’ve never given it much thought. Until last summer that is.

I had just found out about a useful brand of totes and was excitedly learning all about their products and educating others about them when I had the opportunity to become an independent consultant.

After asking numerous questions, discussing with family and friends and reading the consultant manual, I did some soul searching and was surprised at the little tendril of honesty that came out. Instead of doing a side hustle I wanted to finish writing my fantasy story.

This realization was a bit of a surprise. I had been working on my story more over the last year but redirecting my energy into it in a committed way? I was hesitant but figured that since I’ve tried most hobbies I might as well give it a go. Since then my story has grown at an astonishing rate. All these bits and pieces I had written over the last 21 years have fallen into place in a longer narrative. Things that I thought were important, but had no idea of why they were important have revealed themselves. I finally have an ending, new story outlines have been added to the collective effortlessly and I can write for hours without noticing the passing of time. It’s not forced, it doesn’t feel contrived, it just feels like an unfolding. Its amazing. 💖

Over the last few days I’ve been seeing the clues that I was a writer that I had ignored because it didn’t match up with my plans for my life. At the same time I can see all the ways where I was forcing art to work no matter what. I’ve had to laugh at how stubborn I was. No wonder God stepped in and redirected me!

One clue that art wasn’t the best fit happened while I was in college for art. (Go figure) I was flipping through some of my current sketchbooks and realized the pages were filled with text with a couple of thumbnail sketches tossed in. ^^; Shamefully I admitted to myself that it was so much easier to write about the things in my head than to draw them!

This afternoon when I was telling my sister about some of the clues that pointed to me being a writer, I randomly pulled out two related books that validated what I was saying on the spot. 300 writing prompts and 500 drawing prompts. The writing book was written in, but the drawing book was pristine! XD

Now that I’m reconciled with not being an artist and realized my true passion I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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