A Practice Origami Crane


Practice Crane #2

It is not beautiful. My folds are extremely uneven and I tore the crane in two places that aren’t visible from the top. Despite these criticisms, the next crane I fold will be using precut origami paper.

Decided it was time for a follow up to these posts…


Peaceful in Pink Origami Cranes

Purchase #2: Origami Cranes

Also a purchase from Wendy’s Origami on Etsy, these itty bitty pink fabric cranes came in a set of ten and was packed in a light pink organza bag with a little story card about Sadako.


Sadako was a little girl who suffered from leukemia after the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima during World War II. She believed that folding 1000 cranes would grant her wish to be healthy. Sadly she passed away before she completed her project.


This is a purchase that speaks directly to my lack of paper folding ability. I had decided to fold 1000 cranes earlier this year and had even ordered the paper when …I gave up. I had made my first crane and tore it’s wing in the process! Poor crane never had a chance at a normal life! T^T


I’ll get back to that project eventually. Anywho….

Thanks for reading!

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Thank Your Lucky Chinese Stars!

Purchase #1: Lucky Stars

From Wendy’s Origami on Etsy comes the 25 pack of bright Lucky Stars! Many years ago Maru showed me how fold paper Lucky Stars. They are cute and make great decorations however they are really easy to crush so when I saw these premade colorful fabric stars I just had to have them! 

The stars came in a hot pink organza bag with a little explanation card as to what they are. (The same card is displayed in all three pictures)


As you can see I got a pretty bright batch and they are a lot of fun to photograph! My favorite two would be the bright orange and the light red. 🙂stars3

What do you I use them for? I personally like to keep them in a container or sprinkle them around my workspace for visual interest. :3 

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1000 Origami Cranes

I have very little knack for origami cranes. I’ve followed numerous tutorials online (step by step pictures, and videos) have only made two my entire life and they weren’t pretty.  Why on earth would I want to undertake 1000 paper cranes? Because it’s cool.

Though I will have to rethink the 3″x3″ paper – my clumsy fingers aren’t anywhere skilled enough.