Have I Earned Your Approval Tako-san?

Call me crazy, but once again I have completed 14 Tako-san keychains in one weekend!


Mint, Lavender, Matcha, Cream, Beige, Peach, ROYGTP, Pink, POYGTP, Navy, Dark Blue, Blue, Teal, and Chocolate.

With a grand total of 41 currently available for Youmacon, I only have 34 more keychains to go! 😀

It finally happened…

Last night I dreamt about Tako-san for the first time ever.

Tako-san said, and I quote, “Why haven’t you finished me?” I rambled off some nonsensical answer and tried to tickle him to make him blush when I realized I hadn’t added the blushies yet! Total craziness! XD Apparently I am feeling extremely guilty for not completing my stack of Tako-sans for Youmacon yet… ^^;


Even as heads these guys are adorable~ :3

Oh well. As long as I keep plugging at it they will get done. 🙂

Thanks for reading~!