Happy July!

It’s the first day of the month and I’ve been setting goals for what I want to accomplish the next 30 days!

But first to recap June’s adventures…

  • Went on a road trip to Frankenmuth where we were focusing on antiquing and seeing things that we hadn’t before. It was nice to be out and about!
  • I started WW again and after a few bumps and blunders I’m now staying in my 23 point range on work days! Huzzah!
  • My trusty DSLR is dying (or at least my main lens is) so I borrowed a Canon camera to take graduation photos with! The picture quality wasn’t amazing… I probably need to go through some tutorials! Right now I like my Nikon better but I need to look into getting a replacement soon.
  • Garden is growing! Just harvested my first batch of yellow beans! My lettuce has been ready for picking for over a week but I’ve been lethargic about doing it! XD
  • I made strawberry rhubarb jam with my grandma and then made raspberry rhubarb jam with my rhubarb plant the next day! They both turned out yummy!
  • Beach day! I built a sandcastle and had a little boy try to help me by filling up my bucket to pour into the moat! It was really sweet. 😊

My top goals for July are:

  • Prepping enough WW snacks to get through the work day
  • Food prepping in general! XD
  • Tidying up the house and yard to have a family cookout!
  • Have 1 adventure a week!
  • Complete at least one major creative project. Hmm…what will it be?

There are a lot of odds and ends I’d like to work on, but this list will do for now! ^^

What are your goals for July?

Thanks for reading!