Thrifty Japanese Finds

My immediate and extended family as well as my close friends are big thrift store/second hand shoppers. We all love to stretch our dollar and to find a good deal. I personally use my “thrifty-fu” to score cool secondhand Japanese items. ;3

Below are some of the many Japanese items I’ve picked up over the years. I would love to show off all my finds – but I’m not gonna go crawling through the attic to find them. ごめんなさい… ^^;

Where do you buy most of your Japanese things?

My Favorite Pocky Commercials

A very very very very long time ago, around 2006 or so, I got into watching Japanese commercials – namely Pocky commercials as they are a lot fun to watch and Pocky is the iconic snack choice of otakus. :3

The following four videos feature my all time favorite Pocky commercials:

Do you have a favorite Pocky commercial?

Grandma’s 80th Birthday!

Today my family celebrated my maternal grandmother’s 80th birthday…


Guess who chose the balloons~? (I color!) :3


A close up of the bouquet I helped pick out. So pretty!


Grandma’s angel food cakes that I decorated with yummy fresh fruit!


Happy Birthday Grandma!!! I love you!

***The superwoman who made Grandma’s special party possible was my mom! I just helped out on some of the fun & easy stuff! ***
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Healthy vs Unhealthy


As an artist and crafter, my hands are my most important tools and when they are not working, well, imma-in-a-lotta trouble. This picture shows what happens to my adorable Tako-sans when my hands aren’t working properly – they get big and fat. (Nuuuuuu~!)

Last month I traded working in fast food for deli work to assist with my hand health – but it turned out that it was even worse on my hands. *facedesk* *facedesk* *facedesk* I am now thrilled to announce that I won’t have to worry about my hands quite so much after this Friday because I’m trading my deli position for a desk job!!! 😀 So happy!

So hopefully there will be less fat Tako’s and more normal ones being added to the convention stockpile from now on!