For the love of Engrish!



Engrish is commonly known as the Japanese misuse of English, directly relating to their common mistake of switching the “R” and “L” in English words.  This term has grown to encapsulate other east Asian countries English mistakes as well.

I was introduced to Engrish in 2006 and shortly thereafter found which has given me many hours of laughs and groans as well as inspiration to come up with my own Engrish inspired artwork as seen in my comic below:


However, let me just say that some Engrish is rather lewd and vulgar. Please view their website with discretion and parental guidance if under the age of 18.

Here are some of my favorites:

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Hope you enjoy Engrish as much as I have!

15 English Words You Will Only Hear in Japan

How confusing! XD

This Japanese Life.

English is something of an international language, and so it tends to make out with a lot of native tongues. In Japan, I hear a lot of English phrases scattered into otherwise Japanese conversations. Most of them, however, make no sense to anyone who isn’t Japanese.

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