Happy Halloween! 2015

Happy Halloween everyone!


Happy Halloween!

This year is the last year my brothers are trick or treating, so I had to get in on the action!


Vanellope Von Schweetz Cosplay

I had the Nightmare before Christmas soundtrack playing the entire time we were escorting my brothers and their friends around the neighborhood! x3 So much fun!


My Halloween Loot

Hope you enjoyed your Halloween even more than I did!

Thanks for reading!

-Anna San


I <3 Rock Candy!


What is the best part of this nostalgic treat? The flavored sugar crystals, the assortment of colors, the decorative stick or where it was purchased from? For me it’s a combination of all these elements.

Situated on the corner of Eureka and Middlebelt in Romulus, Blocks farm market is only open for a short time in late spring and from the end of July to mid October giving you a great price on locally grown plants and produce as well as offering a variety of Michigan made food items. And of course my favorite part: the jar of rock candy right as you’re checking out. Rock candy please! :3

Mogumoguhamuhamu and Japanese Candy

Mogumoguhamuhamu and Japanese Candy

While visiting my family I rediscovered my sister’s adorable hamster pin. I dubbed it Mogumoguhamuhamu (after my favorite Engrish.com pic) and borrowed it for the day~! :3

I tried some different Japanese candies today. A Ramune soda flavored gummy and the other (shiyouga?) is some type of strong chewy licorice or horehound flavored center with a thin candy coating (think Good & Plenty but much nastier). Blehhh… I wish I could tell you what the Ramune one tasted like but I tried the other first and couldn’t get the taste out of my mouth! xD