Oh the wrongness… The Turducken

TurduckenWent to Meijer today and laid eyes on my first Turducken. The wrongness of this bird is a painful thing, though from what I’ve read it’s quite delicious. It’s a de-boned chicken shoved inside a de-boned duck shoved inside a de-boned turkey and uses stuffing to fill in the gaps. 

I think I’ll stick with my Thanksgiving turkey.


EA News: November 1, 2009

November 1, 2009 || 1 Novembre, 2009 || 1 November, 2009 || 2009年11月1日

Youmacon Badge

Just got back from Youmacon and I find it hard to believe that this event is over and that I have to get back to school work. *doom* I really had a blast this year despite getting only 3 hours of sleep a night, not going to a single panel and not getting an autograph from my idol Little Kuriboh…*sob*

I apologize to those of you whose hair clips came apart. I found out on the last day of the convention that my second round of glue sticks were defective. We had done the tear off test earlier with the first set of glue sticks and didn’t think of checking the second.*gloom* I promise it’ll be better next year. Please don’t hate me!

Bought some really cool stuff  this weekend. :3

Amigurumi Octopi (gave one to my sister Maria for her birthday on Friday). My sister Sarah and I were hooked on these little guys and bought a total of 5 octopi between the two of us. 😀

Amigurumi Octopi

Canine Hat from Pawstar (Soo warm!)

Canine hat by Pawstar

13 super cute Buttons.

Super Cute Buttons Bell Ribbon

Bell Ribbon by Kopeskreations

plus 14 more Buttons from Kopeskreations (I think of them as flair) 😀

Buttons by Kopeskreations

An Onigiri Love print. (art trade!)

Onigiri Love by Digital Sushi

and last but not least a Domo-kun zipper pull  from Hotaru Tenshi(art trade!)

Domo-kun Zipper Pull by Hotaru TenshiLooking forward to many more conventions!

-Anna San