Birthday Blanket

A couple months ago, I picked up this lovely bit of fleece from a fabric auction. 🙂


When I first saw the pattern I was like “Eww… fishing.” Then lightbulb~! My brothers are in scouts and had been learning how to fly-fish at the time so I decided to turn it into a blanket for the one with the closest birthday. 🙂


So once again I wrangled the serger – which was much easier than when I had first used it on my dad’s blanket. 🙂




Since I decided to do rounded corners, Nina had to help tug me the fabric into submission. ^^;


However I felt more and more like a pro with the straight edges. 🙂




When I finished serging, Nina threaded the remaining tail into a needle and had me weave the end in.


The prettiest rounded corner (Nina did this one!)


Finished! Happy birthday little bro!


Red Fleece Eared Hat

December 2010

Today my sewing instructor helped me sew a new eared hat using my “Menchi” (Excel Saga) cosplay hat as a pattern.  Made from red fleece, the hat features a large open area for easy customization and whose ears can easily be mistaken for… horns. o.o; (not intentional)

Despite my hats apparent flaws, it’s not bad considering that it was the project for my third sewing class. So yay me! Here’s to better hats in the future!