Winter Camp


This past weekend I went to winter camp for the first time with our scout troop. It was quite an experience. Having to maintain the wood burning stove in our cabin for heat, and freezing my hiney in the outhouse were inconveniences, but overall, it was AMAZING.


It snowed while we were there and walking in the woods with the fresh fallen snow is nearly indescribable. Its quiet, peaceful and leaves you with a sense of awed reverence.


Something that was kinda cool is that troops, packs, crews etc all take a piece of wood and put their number on it, the year and sometimes have their scouts sign them as well.

I nominated myself for the task of making ours this year – after seeing the sign from their last trip. *cough* lame *cough* With how prevalent the outhouse was for us all, I couldn’t resist making it the center of my masterpiece and incorporated a few camp events into the drawing. 🙂


The snowflakes represents the snowfall, the three snowmen were the sentries that the boys made in the middle of the road during our hike, the tent represents the boys who undertook polar bear challenge, the ax represents the boys restocking the wood for the fire and the chipped corner represents the river that we were by. 🙂


I was truly blessed to be able to go with the boys this year and have many memories and phenomenal pictures to remember it by. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

-Anna San