New Art Supplies

Today I stopped by Dick Blicks on the corner of Michigan Ave and Schlaff in Dearborn. Not much has changed since I first shopped there for school supplies in 2005. One thing that has though, is prices. Don’t get me wrong, the supplies that I needed for Drawing 1, Drawing 2, 2D Design etc. wasn’t cheap – even back then! Several times my card was declined because I didn’t have enough in my account. But the paint that I used for 2D Design that I had paid $5 a tube for then, are now $11 each – at a reduced price! WTC?! I did pick up some less expensive paint tubes that were $6 each on sale (whooo). I also picked up a .3 refill for my new drafting pencil – which apparently came with only one HB lead inside… >:[ And a select assortment of Prismacolor Verathin pencils! Yay! Ever since I watched BlueRoseArkelle’s videos on Verathin vs. Premier pencils (which I couldn’t see the difference, btw), I’ve wanted to try them out for myself. Which I am going to do right now…

…Huzzah! I now know the difference! 😀


An American Tail III: 15 Years of Fail

15 years ago my siblings and I opened up our brand new VHS copy of An American Tail III: The Treasure on Manhattan Island. We loved An American Tail II: Fieval Goes West and put it on regularly. With excitement we shoved it into the VCR and hit play.

Moments into the film we were horrified.

Fieval: Mama, I dreamed we moved out west and I became a famous gunslinger!
Tanya: Ha! Like that could happen.
Fieval: Well it seemed real to me!

My siblings and I were in uproar. “Oh no! Money grubbing Universal decided to milk the franchise and write off our favorite film as a dream! Why?! Why??! WHY???!” We couldn’t let it go, and at least once a year since we watched An American Tail III: The Treasure on Manhattan Island in 1998 (>_>;) we lament our ruined childhood memories and grumble against Universal‘s poor decision …until now that is.

Seems that this film was done as a prequel and the scene was meant to be a foreshadowing of An American Tail II: Fieval Goes West. D’oh! (Worst tie-in ever!) However, we are finally at peace and our childhood memories are restored.

Sorry Universal… No hard feelings right? O:)

Product Development

Sorry for the silence the last few days, I’ve been busy with new product development as well as revising current designs. I love my creations like they are my children, however children need formation and mine can definitely use some!

Here are some of the items I’m working on. All are currently in mock up stage and I am waiting for some key supplies to come in before the items are finalized. These products will be available in my Etsy shop May 1st! 🙂

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