Pour Some Sugar on Me! Sugar Rush Vanellope Cosplay

It’s that time of year again! Youmacon 2015 is right around the corner and for us convention hopefuls it is preparation time to pull together the outfits that we will don for the occasion. This year I have decided to attend¬†as the adorable spitfire Vanellope Von Schweetz from the Disney film Wreck-it Ralph.

My declaration to my con companions: I am not a seamstress, and this is not the year I become one.

Being against sewing my own outfit has posed an issue with achieving the Vanellope look. As a consumer, I am at the mercy of online merchants to have something that may resemble what I desire. Items that are in trend can be found in plenty. Specific styles of workable skirts? Not so much. Specific colors of hoodies? Keep looking pal. After hours of various keyword combinations, I finally decided on the following four items to be the base of my cosplay…

wighoodie ruffle_skirt striped_leggings

Once these items arrive, other more creative and fun details will be finalized such as hair accessories, shoes, and clothing modifications that will make the outfit so Vanellope. ūüėČ

Reason behind my choice: Vanellope is an overcomer. She was constantly told that she was a “mistake” a “glitch” someone without a purpose or place to truly call home. Once she saw Ralph’s medal hanging from the tree branch, hope sprung anew in her chest and she believed in herself and got someone else to believe in her too – even if it was just to get the medal back.

In the grand scheme of things, learning to drive a race car took Vanellope a very short period of time but it was a pivotal moment in her development as she had to have the courage to believe, shut out the negative voices that were keeping her down, and try.

Can’t wait for the packages to arrive! x3

Thanks for reading!

-Anna San‚ô•


Countdown to Youmacon!

Only four days left to Youmacon¬†and still so much left to do-! >o< Nina and I made great progress today and I can’t wait to make more tomorrow. Here is another glimpse of what will be at the convention! :3


These Kawaii Sluggies are looking for some new noggins to nom on!


Tako-san keychains



Everything Anna will be @ Youmacon Artist Alley @ Cobo Center November 1st and 2nd!!! \^o^/

1 Washington Boulevard
Detroit, MI 48226

Cosplay Plans: Phase 4 Part 1

Sailor Collar

Today I started my Sailor Collar with the help of my sister Maru. When I attempted to draft my own collar pattern a few weeks ago it was an epic fail so Maru found a basic pattern and modified it to my specifications. 


Left is a sketch of the original diagram and the right is the modified diagram.


I used newsprint paper for my pattern and followed along with the measurements specified in the diagram. A ruler is a must!


After I cut out the pattern Maru had me try it on for size. The neck hole was too small so she added an extra half inch to each side.


Modifying the pattern


We discovered that it still wasn’t laying right, so we rounded the back and added darts in the shoulders.


Pattern complete! Almost time to start cutting.


Marking placement for the pins


Snip snip!


Totally stoked! It’s starting to look like something!

Sadly that was all I had time to work on today, but I’m so happy to have it started! ūüėÄ

Thanks for reading!

-Anna ‚ô•

Cosplay Progress
I know I’ve been skipping around with my cosplay but it will come together. Really. No foolin’. ^^;

Crazy Kawaii Onigiri~<3

In light of the upcoming anime convention, my sis Nina and I decided to refresh my kawaii onigiri with some new techniques. Of course nothing is as easy as it sounds. We had to tidy up the workspace, pull the supplies out of storage and apparently I had ¬†sold all the finished onigiri,¬†used up all the extra pieces¬†and misplaced the paper pattern…

After overcoming those obstacles, I decided to make my prototype more interesting by using polkadot fabric, neon green for the nori and magenta thread to pull it together. 


These colors won’t be used in the final product, but they are fun to work with!

Youmacon Artist Alley Registration

Yes. I am waiting not so patiently for Youmacon’s Artist Alley registration to open. As it is going to be my third and final convention I want to make it my best and to do that I need to know that I’m actually going to have a table there.

Another reason why I want it to be successful is that all sales at Youmacon are going to be funding my trip to Japan in 2014. I’ve been wanting to go for the past eight years which is roughly about the time I first started dabbling in Japanese. Eight years is a very long time. Very.

This trip is more plausible now than ever because I have my passport, language learning pals and travel buddies whereas before I only had a passport. (woo aloneness…) Now the main hold up is cash or the lack thereof. So… yes. I am impatiently awaiting the opening of Artist Alley Registration.