Rich Man Poor Woman

Rich Man Poor Woman

My sister Maru went and introduced me to Rich Man Poor Woman on Monday and now I’m hooked! After the awkward and painful beginning episode(s) I’m on the edge of my seat wanting to find out what happens next! Ahhh! But work keeps getting in the way of me having an all night marathon. Boo. ;3; I’m particularly interested in the “business side” of this series. Mainly how Next Innovation operates and later on how Wonderwall gets started since I need to brush up my own methods of entrepreneurship. >_>

Oh yeah, btw, my sister and I were discussing the protagonist’s love interest and wondering where they dug up this guy and then it clicked. “That’s Sano Izumi and Shinichi Kudo!!!”  Yes the actor for both Hana Kimi and Detective Conan J-drama’s is playing President Hyuga in Rich Man Poor Woman. A hairstyle may change ones appearance – but expressions (and teeth) can’t be mistaken. Just sayin’. ;p