New Octopus + Poll!

Had severe insomnia so I made this little guy last night!


I have a few things I’m going to tweak before he goes into production for the convention – but he still needs a name. What are your thoughts?


Father’s Day Gift


Pusheen making himself comfortable on my project


Me using the serger for the first time! ouo;


So far so good…


First edge done! Now for the other three…




Closeup of the finished edges. 🙂

Picked up this striped fleece fabric from the American Sewing Guild fabric auction Wednesday night and decided I wanted to make a blanket for my dad for Father’s Day. At first I tried blanket stitching but it was taking too long and didn’t look very nice… so I brought it over to my parents house to use my sisters’ serger. Whee! For a first serging project I think it turned out really well! 😀

Happy Father’s Day!

[Special thanks to my little sis Nina for her awesome photography!]

Happy Father’s Day! 2013

Happy Father’s day to all you dads out there!

Thank you for opening your arms to receiving us, taking the midnight feeding shift, letting us sip your unattended coffee and scaring away monsters in our closets. Thank you for providing for us, sharing your passion with us and teaching us right from wrong. Thank you for all that you do for us because you love us and know we are the future and we are worth it!

(I love you Dad!)