Baby Fish <3


Was flipping through one of my old notebooks and found this little guy doodled on one of the pages! Just couldn’t resist coloring it! 

Let it Go – Frozen

This evening I forced my brother to go with me to see Frozen. I know I specifically told my brother last night that it was a rental not a movie theater one watch. However, Tumblr finally got the better of me. I have had an overwhelming amount of Frozen artwork, clips etc etc etc on my dashboard every day for months and this is the clip that really changed my mind…

This scene is even more breathtaking on the big screen.

Frozen is a really well done movie but is extremely song heavy. If you enjoy musical princess animated films, this may be right for you. 😉

What Does the Fox Say?

When my sisters and I went to Youmacon there was a t-shirt vendor that had some really awesome designs. Sadly none of the pix turned out that we took of the booth but one of the shirts that was most memorable featured the following image…


Available from

I knew it had to be a reference to something but what? I didn’t have to wait long for an answer. When the girls and I made our way home on the second day a certain song started playing on the radio and it clicked!

The Fox (What Does the Fox Say) by Ylvis is horrible when you are just listening to it but so much fun if you watched the video! XD Needless to say my sibs and I have been having a lot of fun listening to this.

Have a look, take a listen, hope you find it funny too. :o)

Thanks for reading!