1000 Origami Cranes

I have very little knack for origami cranes. I’ve followed numerous tutorials online (step by step pictures, and videos) have only made two my entire life and they weren’t pretty.  Why on earth would I want to undertake 1000 paper cranes? Because it’s cool.

Though I will have to rethink the 3″x3″ paper – my clumsy fingers aren’t anywhere skilled enough.

From Up On Poppy Hill

Kokurikozaka Kara

From Up On Poppy Hill

Fair girl, why do you send your thoughts to the sky?

The wind carries them aloft to mingle with the crows.

Trimmed with blue, your flags fly again today.

Watched this film for the first time last night and again this afternoon. I really like it and you might too. Look it up and see. 🙂

Anna Cooks Japanese?! #3: Preparation

After what we experienced last week with recipes tasting too similar because of missing ingredients, Maru and I squeezed in a mini planning session today. The two recipes will be Tonkatsu (Crispy Fried Pork Cutlets) and Ebi Furai (Crispy Fried Shrimp). Mmm… they look so good! 🙂

Since I’m having girl time with some of my former coworkers this evening and Maru has exams to study for, I’m not sure when our third cooking day will happen. -_-;

Hope our next cooking day will be soon!

Mmm… Various Yogurts part 2


Found a few more yogurts to try! The winner of this (small) batch was Koru full of creamy deliciousness! And the runner up was the Friendly Farm’s Greek (an Aldi brand). The Yoplait didn’t taste very good with the artifical sweetener and I just didn’t like the Kroger brand Greek. 😛


A Birthday Goomba

goomba plushie

I’ve been planning on making this guy for over a year now and I finally did it!!! Happy Birthday Bobby!!! 😀 ~<3 Anna


Nerdigurumi’s “A Goomba-gurumi Pattern


  • Premier Yarns Deborah Norville Everyday Soft Worsted yarn in Cream
  • Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice Yarn in Chocolate
  • Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice Yarn in either Honey or Rust… pretty sure it’s Honey (threw out the label… sorry ^^;)


  • Boye G6
  • Bates E

I made a few minor changes to the Nerdigurumi Pattern.

  1. Used a G6 hook (cuz “G” is for Goomba :P)
  2. Different yarn/colors because I wanted it to look more accurate
  3.  Alternate start instead of the ch 2 or magic ring. (ch 4, join to form ring. Ch 1, sc 6 into ring.)
  4. Decided against the invisible decreases because I wasn’t turning it inside out. Switched to an “E” hook to make tighter stitches instead.
  5. Opted for the glue gun approach  to face items instead of sewing it on. XD