Facing the Rockwall

Hello Everyone!

Today I climbed a rockwall for the very first time! I have never even considered doing this before my weight loss journey because of the following rationale: a) “I’m not athletic” b) “I’m too fat” c) “I don’t have muscle” and d) “I don’t want to.” What a transformation! xD


Omigosh!!! Climbing the rockwall is so much harder than it looks! I attempted it twice and made it to the same point both times. My limbs felt like jelly and my hands were sweaty and slipping on the rocks. I had to call it quits when neither my arms nor my legs could pull me up to the next foothold. -_-;

When I came back down the attendant asked me if I went farther than I thought I would. I agreed – but then I wondered why I did. I never planned on going only 3/4 of the way up – I was shooting for the top!

Afterwards I went to the pool and chatted about my first experience with another swimmer. She advised that the secret to climbing the wall is all in the legs and that I shouldn’t have been relying on my arms to pull myself up at all. I was like “Ohhh… okay.” (totes nOOb lol) Since the rockwall is at my gym I’ll have the opportunity to try again later. With some more practice I know that I’ll eventually reach the top. 🙂

Check three y’all!

Thanks for reading!

-Anna San

Golden Year Project Status: 3/28

  1. 2/14/2015: Oh Canada!
  2. 2/21/2015: Just do it! A Morning on the Slopes
  3. 2/28/2015: Facing the Rockwall

Just do it! A Morning on the Slopes !

Hello Everyone!!!

Today I did something that I never thought I would – skiing! 😀 😀 😀

On Wednesday out of the blue I told my coworker “I want to go skiing.” I have never given the sport much thought and am unsure of where it came from but couldn’t get it out of my head. That evening I started looking into skiing and felt some sticker shock.

It’s not cheap.

I thought of the episode of the K-drama Boys Over Flowers where Gu Jun Pyo took Geum Jan Di to a ski resort where they lodged for a few days and she was decked out in ski gear. $$$$$$ Oh my gosh…. I suddenly have a greater appreciation of how much money Gu Jun Pyo showered on her. Despite my sinking heart and mentally seeing my bank account emptying, I kept researching how it works and what I minimally would have to have for gear. The most useful article I came across stated that if you could only purchase one piece of ski gear, get good snow pants. I wanted to go Saturday but it seemed like a pipe dream. So I challenged myself to think differently about this potential outing. Instead of focusing on how impossible it seemed, I focused on how to make it possible. To put it simply, don’t over think it. Cut out all the negative talk and focus on the steps.

Wednesday night I located Pine Knob ski resort which I thought was reasonable driving distance, checked out the prices, decided on the services, Googled snow pants and found a pair that was on sale at Dick’s sporting goods. Thursday I resolved that I was going to do it, Friday I fought my negative self talk and called the resort for additional information, messaged everyone that I knew who had experience with skiing, then went to Dick’s Sporting goods to locate the pants.

When I found them in the store they weren’t on sale. Fighting the panic I went to a cashier and asked if they price matched their online storefront. She stated that they would so I grabbed the last pair of their largest size which was a medium and tried them on. They were too small. Fighting another wave of negative self talk, I used my big brain to think around the problem. (BH6 reference lol) They fit my legs perfectly, so just because I couldn’t zip the pants didn’t mean that they wouldn’t offer the protection that I needed. I bent and stretched to test them out. No issue, I would just  have to wear a belt to ensure that they stay put. Issue resolved. While I was there I also located a face mask or “Ninja Hood” as I like to call it. 🙂 It seemed rather important in the articles I was reading so I picked it up. (Was it ever important to have this! If you don’t have a face mask and are going skiing, get one!

Before I checked out, I looked to see if I had gotten any responses to my information request about basic skiing gear. Nada. Nothing. I was in this alone without any other opinion other than what I found online, and my own conclusions. Was I really going to go through with this? Just the two items were costly. I swallowed hard and checked the forecast. Weather looked really good. I told myself “It’s now or never. I’m going to do this.” and I checked out.

When I brought my expensive purchases home I discovered that one of my younger brothers was spending the night. I remembered that he and a few other brothers had gone skiing with my uncle before so I picked his brain for information. 🙂 After talking about what he wore and where they went I felt reassured that I could pull off “mission I’m-possible” and got the rest of my gear ready.

Specialty Gear

DSC_0730 DSC_0732 DSC_0733IMGP3406

Clothes with wicking are very important to the skier – so I used my exercise clothes as my base layer. 🙂

When I got ready to leave the next morning my younger brother asked me a very valuable question – “Are you bringing hand warmers?” I actually had one pack and they were a total finger saver! I don’t own ski or thick gloves and they kept my hands nice and toasty. 🙂

The Journey


 Pine Knob Ski Resort


After my hour lesson I was left to my own devices and used the tow rope and ski lift myself. So much fun!!! Other skiers that I chatted with were surprised that I was advancing so quickly! I really surprised myself when muscle memory kicked in while going down the most difficult path in the beginners section. I successfully made it to the bottom without incident and I swear other skiers were rooting me on as I made my way down! 😀

Skiing is absolutely exhilarating and I can’t wait to do this again!

Second one down! Twenty six to go!

Thanks for reading!

-Anna San

Anna’s Skiing Adventure Gear List

  • Snow Pants
  • Hand Warmers
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Ninja Hood
  • Hat
  • Gloves
  • Regular Socks
  • Exercise Pants
  • Exercise Shirt
  • Exercise Jacket
  • Jacket
  • Coat
  • Visa
  • Car Key
  • GPS (my phone)
  • Camera
  • Lunch Bag

Golden Year Project Status: 2/28

  1. 2/14/2015: Oh Canada!
  2. 2/21/2015: Just do it! A Morning on the Slopes

Inspire Yourself ;)

When working toward any goal or even keeping yourself upbeat and in optimal mental shape it’s important to supercharge your environment with positive energy.

Since I started my weight loss journey last January I have grown a considerable collection of inspirational wall art and other items that I read every day.  Even when I have a bad day I read them and bring things back into perspective.
DSC_0684 DSC_0686 DSC_0687 DSC_0688
The one that constantly serves as my biggest reminder is “Pray hardest when it’s hardest to pray.” It may take a minute to calm down and pray about what ever it is, but when I do I feel so much more at peace. 🙂
 DSC_0689 DSC_0690 DSC_0691 DSC_0692 DSC_0694 DSC_0695

My collection isn’t just limited to my room. I also extend the energy flow to social media by sharing a wide variety of motivational sayings on my personal Facebook, pin things to my board on Pinterest and favorite inspirational posters on Etsy.

What is your favorite motivational saying?

Thanks for reading!

-Anna San

Oh Canada!

Hi Everyone! 

I am so stoked! Today I drove into Canada myself for the very first time! YAY!!! I’ve been wanting to do this since forever because I live less than a half hour away from the Ambassador bridge and have a passport. I never have though because I was afraid to go there alone and also couldn’t see a way to do it because I didn’t have GPS or reliable transportation. But all those things have changed.

Last night I resolved to finally do it and decided just this morning where I wanted to go while on the “other side.” (lol) One of my swim instructor’s other students recently swum at the newly opened aquatic center in Windsor, Ontario and she advised that their pool is massive and has really tall diving boards. I’ve never seen a competitive swimming pool in person before so I wanted to check it out. 🙂

The Journey

IMGP3314 IMGP3315 IMGP3316 IMGP3317 IMGP3318


The tunnel… oh the glare.

Windsor International Aquatic and Training Centre




The diving blocks in particular interested me and saw swimmers use them. I hope I get to try them one day. 🙂


The dive tank is 17 ft deep. Woah!





Eggsmart? Really?

IMGP3367 IMGP3375 IMG_20150214_111128


Had passed this place on my way to the Aquatic Centre and walked forevers to find it! Alas it wasn’t open. Totes bummer.


Stopped here for lunch and received Canadian change. Yay bridge fare!

The Return



I  was interrogated for ten minutes upon reentry into the US. -_-|| Not fun.


Bridge fare!

Overall it was an interesting experience and I’m glad I got to see the Aquatic Centre. 🙂 They have open swim times and affordable drop in pricing however… it doesn’t jive with my work schedule and going through US customs on a regular basis doesn’t appeal… lol.

Check one! 😀

Thanks for reading!

-Anna San

Golden Year Project Status: 1/28

  1. 2/14/2015: Oh Canada!

Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

Greets Sweets

…and Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

Today I was my own valentine and treated myself to a few lovely things… 

Pink Tulips

A pink tulip bouquet…

China Glaze Nailpolish

and a pretty pink China Glaze nail polish called “Exceptionally Gifted.” The tulips are opening up beautifully and makes me really happy to have them brightening up my room. 🙂

Hope you have had a special day too~!

Thanks for reading!

-Anna San