Margin Space

Life has been non-stop this past week so even though I really wanted to run around and fill in my seasonal check boxes, I parked my caboose at home. I had time to just sit and work on the things I haven’t had time for. I tidied my bead box. I went grocery shopping. I went through the car wash. I got command strips for my new wall sconce.

I love being on the go and doing cool things! But not when it means not getting enough sleep and not getting time to reset at home. I start burning the candle at both ends and get sick. Several weeks sick. Rest is vital to the wellbeing of my person and supports my active lifestyle. If I rest well, I can work and play well. Honestly how awesome is that?

Something I read a few months ago said before bed declare what you have finished for the day to be enough and entrust all your unfinished tasks to God in prayer. I have been working to apply this to my life and it is such a relief.

Lord Jesus, I thank you for this weekend of rest. I thank you for everything I was able to complete. It is enough. For everything that still needs to be done, I entrust to Your care. Let me sleep well without worry so that I can awake renewed to take up my labor once more. I ask this in your name. Amen.


Go With the Spirit’s Flow

My schedule has been non-stop for the past week. Most weeks I have breathing room. Not this one. I am barely at home before I have to leave again. My brother would tell me I have engineered the week this way and deserve no sympathy. I am not asking for sympathy just understanding.

My opportunities for social have been at 0% for the longest time. Everytime I have an opporunity, I get sick and can’t go. However this week everything converged and worked flawlessly.

God has moved and allowed all these experiences to work out. He has blessed me with abundant and varied opportunity. The Spirit is truly at work here.

Dear heavenly Father I thank you for your abundant blessings. Lord I feel that this is only a glimpse of what You have in store for me. Please give me the grace and wisdom needed to grow into the woman you desire me to be. I ask this in Jesus’s name. Amen.

Fundraising? Me?

I viewed my emails and looked at a current company wide fundraiser my work is having. The objective of the fundraiser is to defray transportation cost for cancer patients. Apparently patients spend up to $1,000 a month to get a ride to all their treatments. What a burden that would be! D:

I looked at my stores donation total from last year and winced. The number was absolutely embarrassing. I considered writing a check to make sure we surpassed last years total, but it wouldn’t address the deeper issue. No one has stepped up to make this a pet project. When there is a leader they are able to share why it is important and rally support. Having that personal connection gets other people thinking, involved and working toward the goal. Long story short, I talked to my manager and am now in charge of a bake sale fundraiser for next week! I have 5 people signed up to donate baked goods and have plenty more people to pester tomorrow!

I don’t know how successful the fundraising efforts will be, however my personal goal is to reach $100 which is definitely achievable.

Please say a prayer that we get more participation!

Divine Inspiration

This morning I woke up and started with a litany of prayers. I want this, make opportunity there, clarify that, fix this, please resolve that… And that’s when inspiration came.

God wanted me to take cooperative action in answering my prayers. The task that came to mind was simplistic but made me realize I was afraid. After handing the fears over to the Lord, I told Him, “I’m going to start walking. Please guide my steps.”

Executing the task took all of 16 seconds. I was antsy. I rethought everything that I did and couldn’t concentrate. But my sister visited and said something out of the blue that was reassuring. I relaxed. I did my part, and it was in God’s hands now.

On my drive to the gym, I had tremendous peace and acceptance. Whatever the outcome, it would be fine. I praised Him all the way there and all the way home.

Then opportunity came.

God is so good.

Dear heavenly Father thank you for making opportunity where there was none before. You are amazing! Thank you for guiding me step by step and showing me where I needed to change. Amen.


Today’s gospel reading was about the 10 lepers that Jesus healed. Only one of the 10 came back to thank Jesus and he wasn’t even Jewish!

How often am I like one of the nine where I move on to praying for the next thing instead of thanking God for thd answered prayers?

My challenge for this week is to pour out my gratitude to God who has given me everything.

Lord Jesus, thank you for rescuing me when I didn’t know I needed it. For forgiving me before I transgressed and always having open arms to receive me back. You alone do I worship. You alone are worthy of my praise. Thank you Jesus. I love you Jesus. Amen.

I Can Do All Things Through Christ

I was reading a teaching on this verse earlier and the writer talked about how often this verse is used out of context. St. Paul is talking about the Holy Spirit empowering us to do what we have been called to do, and the the strength to face the hardship and trials that come along with that calling. It doesn’t mean we can do everything we want to do like it’s a super power.

The author ends the article with this:

What is it you have to do? Know that whatever it is, God never planned for you to do it on your own. No, He will do the heavy lifting if you will do the heavy trusting.

This feels like it is a response to my prayer earlier this week, and it is a call to trust even more. My walk has been lonely and the weight of it has been such a burden that I’ve asked for it to be taken away several times. However like Jesus in the garden I must conform my will to the Fathers’. “Not as I will, but let yours be done.”

Come Holy Spirit, fill my heart and mind with strength. Empower me to walk the path that has been laid out before me with joy and contentment. I ask this in Jesus’s name. Amen.