My First Time Mowing…

Yesterday the lawn needed to be mowed and my older brother had one of our younger brothers over to do said task. I out of the blue demanded an opportunity to start up the mower and make a pass over the lawn. My brothers obliged and I warned that I was going to make it squiggly…


Lol! I made it in the shape of a peanut. :3

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-Anna San


Grammar-ed! Paid vs. Payed

I don’t know about you, but I do more speaking and reading of social media than writing on a daily basis – so when it comes to spelling out certain words, I often second guess myself.  Even more often than that however, the following situation occurs.


Just to be sure, Anna typed the word into her search bar. The correct spelling popped up instantly. “It’s really spelled like that?” She snorted in disbelief.

With all the social media available, more and more people are having something to say – whether or not they know how to spell. I personally pride myself on my spelling abilities and it totally irks me when I see misspelling or *gasp* make a typo – but I digress.

Today I cleared up some confusion I was developing due to reading too much social media and that was “paid” versus “payed.” Yes, this confusion has had me up wondering at night what the crap this “payed” business is, how I’m supposed to use it and the fear of years of possibly misusing “paid.”

For all that worrying, guess what I found out? Payed is a misuse! For all intents and purposes – unless you are (very) specifically talking about ropes – it doesn’t exist! So I haven’t been misusing it! Yay!

Moral of the Story:




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