Pocket Sushi~ <3

I’m a third time offender – I mean repeat buyer of Pocket Sushi mini plush. :p This time I purchased a Squeedee, a mini musubi cat, a pastel rainbow minipus, a pink strawberry minipus and a chubby dragon cellstrap. :3

In case you haven’t noticed I really like that chubby dragon. I purchased the one inch button before. >w<


Pocket Sushi packaging is for the win as always~ ❤

So colorful~!!! ^^


My order of cuteness topped with more cuteness! 😀

Since this is my third purchase I was wondering what my freebie would be. This time it was an awesome lavender “MicroPus” cellphone charm! It has six nubbies and is smaller than a minipus. (I think I’ve wiping him out of freebies. ;))

Every time I purchase from another crafter, ppls are like “Why buy from another crafter??? You can make it yourself”. And my response is “You clearly don’t know how much work goes into a masterpiece.” And to be honest, somethings are best left to their masters. ;3


Modded ‘Shroom Bunny – Pocket Sushi

A while back  I got this cute yet somewhat disturbing limbless bunny charm from Pocket Sushi. Since I keep my collection of awesome on my cork-board I look at that bunny every day. No joke.


“Aww it’s a bunny ‘shroom.” “It’s a bunny ‘shroom – It doesn’t have any legs.” “The bunny ‘shroom doesn’t have legs.”

To make a long and dull story short, I decided to give it limbs!


However in my quest for “cute” I think I made it even creepier! XD

Thank You Pocket Sushi!

When I came home from work today I found a package on the couch with my name on it from Pocket Sushi. I haven’t ordered anything recently, so I wondered what was up. When I opened it I found this note…


In my Kawaii!!! Etsy Purchases post from April I had mentioned I had received the wrong color MiniPus in my order. I was so happy with the quality and presentation from Pocket Sushi that I decided not to bother with a note.

The mistake definitely hasn’t prevented me from sharing my love of the brand with my family as is evident in my sisters blog post or my follow up purchase post where I featured my entire Pocket Sushi collection – but still I was really happy to receive this cute little guy….


Hi Mommy!

Thank you!!! 😀


Board of Awesome :3

I’ve made multiple references to my “board of awesome” over the past six months and here it is!
Board of Awesome :3

Filled with cute and colorful items made by myself and others, my board rests just above my computer screen…


…so whenever I need a pick-me-up, I just have to take in the eye candy to feel better. :3


Cute Shopping List:

Michelle Coffee – Chibi taco and floppies.
Mint Daffodil – Red and orange octopuses.
AmiAmore – Takochu and narwhal.
Pocket Sushi – Minipuses, Jumbo Minipus, pink strawberry, candy corn, ice cream cones, panda, chubby dragon button…
Pennagenda – Macaron purse
Sugar Bunny Shop – Umbrella Bears charm, puddle bunny button and swag
ASE vendor – Pink turtle
Unknown Artist (Youmacon) – Cute food and octopus buttons
Family Christian Store – Inspirational cards
Unknown Seller from Japan – Three Totoro Charm. :3

Thanks for reading!


Eeek! Pocket Sushi Giveaway Winner


I’m so excited!!! My sister Nina was the first place Pocket Sushi 1st Birthday Giveaway winner!!! Congratulations little sis! 😀 😀 😀

I know you’re probably thinking, “Hey Anna, you weren’t the winner – why are you so excited?” Well, even though I’m not technically the winner, I got to help Nina choose the prizes and will get to play with them when they arrive, so I still win!!! ;D

Kawaii! Etsy Purchases :3

So I know I’ve mentioned that I’ve gotten a lot of awesome items on Etsy over the past few months and haven’t actually shown any but today is the day! My last package of cute stuff has arrived and I can’t wait to share it with you!


In the order of purchase:



Taco Brooch and 3 Floppy disc Ornaments. The Taco is adorable (what’s more fitting to a person who makes Tako-san,Tako-chan and Tako-sama?) and the Floppys are really cute. My youngest brother wants one made for him! The items were wrapped really nice and had some MichelleCoffee swag as a bonus! Button, Sticker and a business card.



AJ and Phaa print. She drew a bunch of beebos over the invoice and packaging which were cute. My peeves though were that it took her so long to send it, no tracking number when she did,  it didn’t have a protective sleeve on it,  one of the edges were bent and then the shock of the online picture looking clearer than my print… Yeah. I still like the picture – it’s just not quite what I was expecting for $17.oo.


Takochu and Narwhal. I’ve been wanting a Takochu forever (3 years or so) and I liked hers best! As far as the narwhal, I was bummed when I missed out on one of the last ones she had available, so when she posted one in hot pink I knew it was the one!

Macaron Zipper pouch. It’s so cute! I’ve been wanting one of these for a really long time as well and have looked into the cost of making one… (runs away screaming). I really like how it has the flower on the top and the butterfly zipper pull. Last night my dad asked what I could put in it and when I shrugged my shoulders, he said the perfect thing! It’s candy for my keychain! 🙂



Minipus, Dragon Button, Ice Cream Cone pin, Panda keychain, Candy Corn pin, and a Strawberry cell charm. 🙂 As a thank you he sent me a Ice Cream Cone cell charm and included a Pocket Sushi button! The presentation was amazing! My only sadness is that he didn’t sent the right color Minipus. I ordered the light orange. ;3;

So yes, that wraps up my cute Etsy purchases! What have you bought on Etsy?