Because It’s Cool!

When I went to the park yesterday, I had a little kid ask me why I was riding a skateboard. My answer? “Because it’s cool!” xD I was so amused by that exchange, I had to capture the moment in my sketchbook. 😉


Anna – influencing young minds lol

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-Anna San


Bren Bunny

 Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to share a picture I was having fun with this evening. Had come across a sketch of Bren Bunny in a notebook from The Tales of Bren Bunny & Tiger Bunny webcomic that I started in 2006 and just had to see it in color! TBH it’s been a really long time since I’ve done anything with this series but it was nice walking down memory lane. :3


Bren Bunny 2009


I plan on working on ToBB&TB again – eventually. As I’m in the middle of significant life changes, it just not gonna be right now.

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-Anna San

New Items in my Etsy Shop!

Today Nina and I have been busy snapping photos and listing items in my Etsy shop!

Check it out! Http://

New Tako-san Multis!


The red one reminds me of warm sweaters and cherry tarts. :3

One inch buttons featuring my artwork :3


Oni, The Wizard of Rice

SPECIAL: Tako-san Keychain Sets


Neopolitan Trio: Chocolate, Cream (Vanilla) and Strawberry

…annnd plush will be coming a little bit later. 

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-Anna San