Because It’s Cool!

When I went to the park yesterday, I had a little kid ask me why I was riding a skateboard. My answer? “Because it’s cool!” xD I was so amused by that exchange, I had to capture the moment in my sketchbook. 😉


Anna – influencing young minds lol

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-Anna San

Bren Bunny

 Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to share a picture I was having fun with this evening. Had come across a sketch of Bren Bunny in a notebook from The Tales of Bren Bunny & Tiger Bunny webcomic that I started in 2006 and just had to see it in color! TBH it’s been a really long time since I’ve done anything with this series but it was nice walking down memory lane. :3


Bren Bunny 2009


I plan on working on ToBB&TB again – eventually. As I’m in the middle of significant life changes, it just not gonna be right now.

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-Anna San

New Items in my Etsy Shop!

Today Nina and I have been busy snapping photos and listing items in my Etsy shop!

Check it out! Http://

New Tako-san Multis!


The red one reminds me of warm sweaters and cherry tarts. :3

One inch buttons featuring my artwork :3


Oni, The Wizard of Rice

SPECIAL: Tako-san Keychain Sets


Neopolitan Trio: Chocolate, Cream (Vanilla) and Strawberry

…annnd plush will be coming a little bit later. 

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-Anna San

A Little Bit of Poke’mon

Even I am swayed by trends. A little while back I had seen someone in my Tumblr feed who copied a scene featuring Ash and Misty in their own style. Up for a change of pace, I decided I wanted to try draw one too. Sadly I cannot find the reference image for the life of me. T^T


Printer paper, Ballpoint pen, Crayola Markers and Colored Pencils

Yes. This is my crappy 20 minute rendition of an older Ash and Misty. There is not much to say other than I should have decided before hand if it was going to be marker or colored pencil – not marker over colored pencil, and that I really should have spent time on their anatomy/proportions.

And my second Poke’mon related project… an amigurumi Poke’ Ball! Also swayed by trends, I am deeply regretting getting started on this one.


Pearl Cotton thread, Polyester fiberfill, Milward size 11 Crochet Hook

Miniatures are just not my cup of tea.  Maybe if I was using regular yarn with an F or a G hook, but this size 11 business really kills my hands.

And as amigurumi is traditionally crocheted in a continuous spiral, the colors don’t align…


Nuuuuuuuuuu~! >o<

…which I completely forgot when I got started! But it is duly noted for future projects. I think I will glue the round disc over that part… >_>;


Ash and Misty quickie artwork and WIP amigurumi pokeball

So there you have it, my little bit of Poke’mon.

Thanks for reading!

-Anna San