When Inspiration Strikes

Rofl! XD

As I am beginning a new life chapter, I started fleshing out a part of my story where my main character had to start over.

My writing has been at a standstill lately, so I had to work at it before the ideas started flowing. To do so I took stock of my feelings, equated it to a specific scene, refreshed myself on the events that lead up to that moment, and imagined myself in her place. Then I started asking questions. What was she thinking? What was she seeing? What was she feeling?

After jotting many scene notes, the words started running across the pages! In a brief amount of time, I added six new characters, and three different locations! XD

I’ve said it before, but I love it when a storyline starts growing effortlessly! 💕 I’m always surprised me with how the story shapes itself, fills in gaps and connects dots logically. It’s also astonishing to see how quickly organically added characters become staples to the fabric of the storyline.

Story writing is not a fast process, but it is a fascinating one!

Thanks for reading!



Color the World

Had time to finish a few coloring pages over the past few days! I think they turned out well. 🙂

As you can tell, I love color! It makes everything so much more vibrant and happy! 😀

I also love water, blues and goldfish so this was a lot of fun to figure out! 😁

Of course I made it a goldfish! XD

The thing I like most about coloring is that it helps me with problem solving and getting through mental blocks. It does this by challenging me to decide on what colors to use and where to put them. I don’t allow myself to overthink it; I just keep grabbing colors until its complete but allow myself to think outside the box.

Honestly I had no idea how any of these pages were going to turn out, but there is really no wrong answer. You just have to commit and do it!

Thanks for reading!


Waves On The Sand

Things are changing! Tomorrow I start a new job and as my last hurrah of unemployment, I went to the beach! 😀

The sky was gray, the lake was swollen, the wind was blustery and the waves were big and splashy. But the air was fresh and the scenery was relaxing. I enjoyed myself immensely! 😀

Cheers to new beginnings!


Take Every Thought Captive

I had time to tidy up this afternoon, and while I was raking the rug, I had a familiar thought come into my mind.

It’s a tired line that compares my efforts to those of others. Usually it’s grain of truth brings me down, but today it rang hollow. I grabbed the poisionous thought by it’s tail, and talked back at it. “That’s an arrogant thing to say.” I said shivering with excitement. Then without hesitation I reversed the line.

My eyes widened and two waterfalls flowed down my face. I realized I had allowed this recurring thought to cloud my mind so that I was only focusing on my own contributions.

Thank you Lord for Your mercy!

Lord Jesus, thank You for revealing the true nature of this recurring thought and giving me the grace to call it out. I’m sorry for allowing it to take root as often as it has. I ask for Your assistance to discern such thoughts in the future with clarity and wisdom. Amen.