Copic Markers

Today I was enlightened while watching the following YouTube video from BayleeCreations.

I have “original” Copics. I have always wondered why I have never had a magical experience with them. I thought I wasn’t using them properly. Back in high school, I had ordered some online and when they arrived in the mail, I wondered why they didn’t look or perform like the ones in the book How to Draw Manga Special: Colored Original Drawing. In my naiveté I figured it was either false advertising, or Copic redesigned the markers. Though I was disappointed, they were still better than the LePlume and LePlume II scrapbooking markers that I had been using, so I continued buying the same markers …over the last nine years.


I could go on beating myself up over this really dumb mistake, but in the end, it’s just crying over spilled milk. Bottom line, it’s money spent – mostly a long time ago. I’ve made a ton of foolish purchases since then. However, what I need to focus on right now is what I am going to do with this information. Sit on it? Pretend I was right and continue buying markers that don’t do what I want them to? Even though it grates on me to shell out more on my coloring collection, I really want to try the Copic Sketch markers and see what my prolonged ignorance has deprived me of. So, without further ado, Hobby Lobby, here I come-!