Be Sealed with the Holy Spirit…

My younger brother was recently confirmed. In the Catholic church children are baptized as babies through the will of their parents and they receive the Holy Spirit. In Confirmation which usually takes place in 8th grade is when the teen decides for his or herself to make their faith their own and receive a greater infilling of the Holy Spirit when the chrism is used to seal the holy spirit at the hands of the bishop. 

We also had a lovely dinner party for him which included these awesome custom wrapped chocolates.


My Mom made these custom scripture chocolates for my brother’s party.



I believe she found the idea on Pintrest… 🙂

Following Fr. Ben Leutke’s advice about not buying junk for people, my older brother and I purchased a quality crucifix from December’s in Southgate to give to our brother after the confirmation mass. 🙂


The crucifix my older brother and I bought for him.

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-Anna San


Happy Easter! 2014

He is risen! He is risen indeed!


Morning sunlight on the eggins – anyone see Joker?

Happy Easter everyone!

After mass my brother and I met up with the fam for Easter breakfast. 🙂 Our family tradition which has been passed down from my great-grandmother who came from Czechoslovakia, is making poppyseed rolls for special occasions. This year my mom decided to do a new spin on our favorite by styling it as a Swedish teacake. 🙂


Poppyseed Roll with jellybeans mmm… 🙂

Here our the fruits of our egg coloring labors yesterday. Don’t they look lovely?


Lovely colored eggins

Our favorite Easter tradition was taken from a Polish parish our family were members of many years ago. This is a memory maker everyone. No child is immune from this. Everyone must consume a bit of ground horseradish before they receive their Easter basket. It is hilarious to watch but more importantly it also represents Christ’s bitter passion and death on the cross which had to be accomplished before opening the gates of heaven.


Ye evil horseradish!

I hope your day was filled with peace, joy and good company. 🙂

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-Anna San