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Ai Ore by Mayu Shinjo

I bought this book from Borders today and was really really excited to read it. I’ve liked a variety of crossdressing shojo titles in the past such as Girl Got Game, Hana Kimi, Kill Me, Kiss Me, Ingenuo and one of my all time favorites Nosatsu Junkie. But… yeah, I didn’t like this one at all. The best part of the book is Akira’s knit kitty hat that he’s wearing on the cover and that the book is like an inch thick instead of the standard 3/4″. I can’t even read it again, it’s just that bad. 😦

New Craft Table

This morning I cleared a small space in my bedroom and thought, “I need a folding table for crafting.” And as you can see, when I went to the Flea Market a little while later – I found one. Not too short, not too wide but just right. :3

Cheers to happy crafting!