Tako-san Multis – Multicolored Amigurumi Octopi

Tako-san Multis - Multicolored Amigurumi Octopi

Have some new yarns that I am playing with: Green/Turquoise, Blue/Turquiose and a mysterious third one that I haven’t gotten around to yet… ūüėČ Going to be adding them to my Etsy shop by the weekend.

Yay! More Octocat Goodness!

For those of you who may be new to my blog Рwelcome! I have an Etsy shop called Everything Anna Shop where I offer a variety of adorable crocheted octopus items.  


Octocat Order! Left: Dark Blue; Right: Chocolate

Shipped out an order today for two Octocat key chains! I haven’t made Octocats in either of these colors before – so cute! x3

I also added in a little crochet heart I just made – hope they like their new home!

-Anna San‚ô•

Brain Takos!

Despite it being so close to the convention I have pulled off making a couple more Brain Tako! In case you missed my last few posts about them, the Brain Takos are my amigurumi octopus hair clip pals which are made from cotton yarn. These guys are bigger than Tako-san but not as big as Tako-kun. You can see the comparison in my Brain Tako! post.


Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Turquoise, Blue, Lavender, Pink, Light Pink and Peach.

After Youmacon is over, the Brain Takos will be added to my Etsy shop as a regular item~! So stay tuned! :3
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