29th Year Dash

Hey everyone! I had so much fun doing my Golden Year Project in 2015 that I’ve decided to do a similar project for my 29th year. Introducing the 29th Year Dash! 😀 The guidelines are similar to last years other than I am completing one or two more than I had previously and repeat experiences are acceptable if they are uncommon, i.e. skiing.

The big question I am trying to answer this year is who am I? The GYP was great, but it felt really shallow after a while as I was doing all these cool things for my benefit – alone. Also being so focused on myself last year really made me question what it was that I wanted in life. I was tempted to give up on my desired good and live selfishly which truly goes against my core, being the Christian and “mini-mom” older sister that I am. Doing things for my family and others has always brought the most joy. So this year my challenge to myself is to have more experiences and do things with or for others. No more lone wolf.

Doing things by yourself is cool and you get it done, but it’s not very satisfying. Sometimes experiences are more special when they don’t go quite as planned when you’re with others. 🙂

Cheers to a successful dash year!

Thanks for reading!

-Anna San


Paleo Day 3


Hey everyone! It’s day three of amazing changes! Let me just say how food has come to life in my mouth. Mmmm I’m savoring every  bite!

I know my new year’s resolution seemingly came out of the blue, but things have been in the works for a while. The diet and exercise plan I was on previously was causing serious damage to my body, and it wasn’t repairing itself. So I had to cut back, a lot. Not being active seriously frustrates my competitive spirit, but every time I try to ramp it up – I’m reminded why I’m on restricted activity. Something just hasn’t healed yet.

When my parents started their paleo journey last month, I blew it off as a fad. But upon further research and knowing what hasn’t been working with my diet really made me want to give this a go. And the lure of the clean slate of 2016 was an excellent opportunity to try out something new. 0:)

Day 1 Was shopping and research day. I went shopping based on a paleo list I found on Pop Sugar, and came across some amazing websites such as Nom Nom Paleo, Paleo Leap, and Paleoish that helped me understand what I’m getting into a bit more. I know that their recipe indexes are going to be super helpful as I get further along. 🙂
Day 2 Was me already Googling how to make paleo goodies. Yep. Paleo donut anyone? XD Just kidding.

Day 3 Which is where I am right now is me making food and working out my game plan for the work week. Yes, paleo desserts were included.

I am striving to stick to the Whole30 plan as closely as possible, but there have been a few blunders… “Wait – this had soy in it?” “Uh, this is a potato…” “Why is there added sugar in thisss…?”*cough* However as Fit Girl says, Progress not Perfection so I’m taking it one meal at a time. 🙂

Anyone else starting paleo?

Thanks for reading!

-Anna San

Happy New Year!!! 2016

New Year + Me = Endless Possibilities.

Greetings everyone! I hope your holiday festivities were delightful. 🙂

2015 was a huge huge year for me. I reached a healthy weight and moved on to striving to live life fully every day finishing my Golden Year Project in the process. During this time I have really come to appreciate how life is truly a journey and is always moving forwards. As such, I intend to continue striving to be the best version of myself, including taking better care of my health.

One of the foundations of good health is a good diet which is supported by cooking skills. Historically speaking, cooking and I have rarely seen eye-to-eye. My juvenile culinary attempts long resulted in burned water, salty cookies, dusty gingerbread, scrambled pancakes, and, the one my siblings won’t let me forget, the puke-tastic peanut butter balls. (How was I to know that substituting half the ingredients would result in tragedy???)

But as a sign of the times, there have been changes which give me cause to update my perception of my abilities. Over the past six months I have surprised myself by showing an aptitude for preparing edible food, meals even, for the consumption of others. My most recent successes have merited accolades from formerly skeptical family members. Which leads me to my main resolution for 2016…

I am going Paleo. 🙂

I wish you all a wonderful 2016.

Thanks for reading!