Cosplay Plans: Phase 4 Part 2

Sailor Collar

Yes! More progress has been made!


Ready for ironing


Using the seam gauge and a piece of soap for marking


Twill tape basted on. Nina even mitered the corners. 🙂


My not-so-straight sewing on of the twill tape. T^T


Pinning the front and back pieces together.


Sewn, trimmed and pressed!

“…I’m not resewing that.” My words to my sister Maru when we realized that we forgot to add the darts in the shoulders of the collar. The pattern online didn’t call for it, however we had added it to based on how the paper pattern was acting and the fabric was behaving in a similar way.

To do the darts properly, I would need to tear out all my stitching sans the twill tape. Since I personally don’t like how close to the edge my twill tape ended up being… I would want to redo that as well. So no. No. No, No. NO.

I know a lot of cosplayers wouldn’t hesitate to tear it out but since I’m such a n00b with sewing, Youmacon being only a month away, having a full time job as well as rushing to finish convention stock this is not feasible. Each sewing appointment has to accomplish something and this is a relatively minor point when the rest of my cosplay isn’t done. As my sister pointed out, who is really going to look at the squiggly stitches? They are going to have a lot more interesting things to look at.

So yay! Progess!

Cosplay Progress

Slowly but surely!


Birthday Blanket

A couple months ago, I picked up this lovely bit of fleece from a fabric auction. 🙂


When I first saw the pattern I was like “Eww… fishing.” Then lightbulb~! My brothers are in scouts and had been learning how to fly-fish at the time so I decided to turn it into a blanket for the one with the closest birthday. 🙂


So once again I wrangled the serger – which was much easier than when I had first used it on my dad’s blanket. 🙂




Since I decided to do rounded corners, Nina had to help tug me the fabric into submission. ^^;


However I felt more and more like a pro with the straight edges. 🙂




When I finished serging, Nina threaded the remaining tail into a needle and had me weave the end in.


The prettiest rounded corner (Nina did this one!)


Finished! Happy birthday little bro!


Cosplay Plans: Phase 2 Part 5

The Lining Hem AKA The Long Awaited End of Phase 2!!! 😀 😀 😀

Sorry~ I only snapped two pictures because I didn’t want to draw out phase 2 any longer. ^^; As it was, the pinning took forever!!! >o< I had to roll up 7 inches of lining fabric to weight the hem, jabbed myself at least 3 times and when I started sewing, the needle snagged the fabric and had to be replaced.. T^T Thank goodness Maru and Nina were at hand to keep me on track!

Skirt Lining

Pinning up the Lining


The finished skirt!!!

Of course I had to try it on to see how it fit…

Let me just preface this with I rarely wear skirts or dresses. I think they’re pretty – but highly impractical and not worth the extra trouble. So when I tried on my finished skirt, I was downright embarrassed! I felt so exposed and that the hem would fly up at any moment!!! D: (how can girls stand to wear uniform skirts without shorts underneath???) In the middle of my embarrassment this panel from Girl Got Game vol. 10 came to mind…


XD Well said Aizawa, well said.

For it’s intended purpose, my skirt will suffice and when Youmacon rolls around I will be wearing shorts underneath so it won’t be that big of a deal. Besides… it’s blue, has pockets and I made it! Awesome!!! 😀

Thanks for reading!

-Anna San

P.S. Phase 3 is coming soon! Stay tuned! 😀

Cosplay Plans: Phase 2 part 2

I attempted to finish my skirt this evening but to no avail. Boohooey…  All of us were too distracted I guess! Nina got her ears pierced today and was showing off her new earrings, I was munching onigiri and Maru was looking up kinokonoyama mushroom snacks. What a great crowd, eh? 😀

The mistakes I made when I worked on my skirt last, slowed progress today. (Eh heh) I squiggle stitched the casing on the waistband so it wasn’t wide enough for the elastic to lie flat. D’oh! I fully repented my misdeeds and did penance by seam ripping it after the girls left. (It took forever!) T^T

Today I had to remeasure and repin the casing followed by pressing the casing flat. Maru took over and pinned in the lining for me….


…which we discovered was too wide for the skirt. (…different seam allowances d’oh!) Maru had to leave and instructed me to have Nina help pin the excess fabric so it could be serged off. However, Nina was having problems with downloading pictures off her camera so I got to play “geek squad” while she pinned.  ^^;


When Maru returned, she fired up the serger and got the lining started… which I let her finish because the fabric is really slippery. (I’m such a wimp!)


So it is now prepped for tomorrow and I will be the one who does all the major sewing. *fingers crossed!*

Anna, FAITO!