Back to the slopes!!!

After nearly a year since my first ski trip, I’ve returned to Pine Knob! 😀 Let me first say how stoked I was to be able to return to the ski hill. 🙂 I’ve had nothing but good things to say about my experience with the staff there and how much fun I had.

However having done it once before I know a little more than I did last time and understand preparation is key to a successful trip. The forecast for today stated that it would be 0 degrees with a high of 8. Yikes! So to combat the single digit temperatures, I made sure to add a few new items to my ski-wear. Which included (borrowed) polarized ski goggles, ski gloves and ski socks as well as my recent purchases of a ski coat and thermal glove liners. Mmm… toasty!

Additionally to ensure safety I rented a helmet and paid for another ski lesson. There is a lot to learn about skiing, and I felt so much better having someone there to walk me through the steps again. My instructor said I retained everything from last years lesson, and that I was ready to move on to the big hill! Due to the temperatures I declined. Next time for sure!

Thanks for reading!

-Anna San