Planning Projects

This is an awesome idea for story telling! I’ve had a similar setup in the past with a cork board and index cards and would run out of space really really fast. (I stopped using it after the first try.) *cough* I like the dedicated boards, however I don’t have the wall space they would require and do not want to spend any money (nada, zip, zilch) – so I’m totally going to re-purpose my bedroom mirrors for this! I already have a couple dry erase markers and post-it notes lying around. So why not? I’ll give it a go and maybe if I’ll like it I’ll snap a pic for you. 😉 

Thanks for reading!

-Anna San

Handmade Anime

Over the years I’ve read a lot of shojo manga and one of my favorites for a while was a shota title called Meru Puri Marchen Prince by Matsuri Hino; the creator of Vampire Knight. As any good otaku, I would look up related fan produced works such as art and MMVs and happened across this project by TheWindyStar on Youtube. She single-handedly attempted to make her own MeruPuri anime! Sadly this project has long been put to pasture, but it just goes to show what someone can accomplish with enough determination!

(I know the voice sounds kinda wonky, however TheWindyStar used her own voice in this project)

Birthday Blanket

A couple months ago, I picked up this lovely bit of fleece from a fabric auction. 🙂


When I first saw the pattern I was like “Eww… fishing.” Then lightbulb~! My brothers are in scouts and had been learning how to fly-fish at the time so I decided to turn it into a blanket for the one with the closest birthday. 🙂


So once again I wrangled the serger – which was much easier than when I had first used it on my dad’s blanket. 🙂




Since I decided to do rounded corners, Nina had to help tug me the fabric into submission. ^^;


However I felt more and more like a pro with the straight edges. 🙂




When I finished serging, Nina threaded the remaining tail into a needle and had me weave the end in.


The prettiest rounded corner (Nina did this one!)


Finished! Happy birthday little bro!


Father’s Day Gift


Pusheen making himself comfortable on my project


Me using the serger for the first time! ouo;


So far so good…


First edge done! Now for the other three…




Closeup of the finished edges. 🙂

Picked up this striped fleece fabric from the American Sewing Guild fabric auction Wednesday night and decided I wanted to make a blanket for my dad for Father’s Day. At first I tried blanket stitching but it was taking too long and didn’t look very nice… so I brought it over to my parents house to use my sisters’ serger. Whee! For a first serging project I think it turned out really well! 😀

Happy Father’s Day!

[Special thanks to my little sis Nina for her awesome photography!]