Planning Projects

This is an awesome idea for story telling! I’ve had a similar setup in the past with a cork board and index cards and would run out of space really really fast. (I stopped using it after the first try.) *cough* I like the dedicated boards, however I don’t have the wall space they would require and do not want to spend any money (nada, zip, zilch) – so I’m totally going to re-purpose my bedroom mirrors for this! I already have a couple dry erase markers and post-it notes lying around. So why not? I’ll give it a go and maybe if I’ll like it I’ll snap a pic for you. 😉 

Thanks for reading!

-Anna San


Rory’s Story Cubes

I’ve been fascinated by these nifty die for months now and finally found a reason to buy them!   So you get nine die with a different image on each side (54 images) you roll all the dice start your story with “Once upon a time…” and choose the one image to start off the story and then incorporate all the images into your unusual tale. 



How I’m using them… I am using it to kick start my creative juices for reworking an old fantasy story of mine. Based on the die rolled, I choose a scene to elaborate on, then write it out. So far it’s been kind of fun. 🙂

My siblings will be introduced to the Story Cubes pretty soon… they’re too much fun to not share!