Planning Projects

This is an awesome idea for story telling! I’ve had a similar setup in the past with a cork board and index cards and would run out of space really really fast. (I stopped using it after the first try.) *cough* I like the dedicated boards, however I don’t have the wall space they would require and do not want to spend any money (nada, zip, zilch) – so I’m totally going to re-purpose my bedroom mirrors for this! I already have a couple dry erase markers and post-it notes lying around. So why not? I’ll give it a go and maybe if I’ll like it I’ll snap a pic for you. 😉 

Thanks for reading!

-Anna San


Clean Up or Clear Out Challenge

Inspired by The Crazy Mom’s recent blog post, I am paring the 40 day cleaning challenge down to 14 days which is more my speed because I only have a bedroom or “studio” to deal with.

Just having one space is a challenge in of itself – especially since I have a lot of interests. Art, Crafting, Writing, Reading, Japan, Otaku, Cute, and Color are some of the interests that my studio is home to. As you can imagine, that translates into a lot of things that are easily put out of place – especially when traditional bedroom items (i.e. clothing, shoes, jewelry, makeup etc) are tossed into the mix.

FACT: I am a natural slob who functions best in a clean and structured environment.

My personal space is approximately 14 Anna Feet* long and 13 Anna Feet wide and has a built in closet with sliding mirror doors. Taking up floor space (other than the clutter) is a computer desk, a two drawer file cabinet, an art table, a hope chest, a dresser, a bed, a floor lamp, a folding screen, a 3 drawer rolling cart and a waste basket – most of which are currently non-negotiable. The stuff that clutters all my surfaces however, are.

Below are the 14 areas I will be tackling over the next two weeks. While writing this post I took care of one. In the famous words of the Staples Easy Button, “That was easy!”

  1. In front of dresser
  2. Closet floor
  3. Computer desk
  4. Art table
  5. Board of Awesome
  6. Hopechest
  7. Clothes
  8. Dresser
  9. Closet storage
  10. Art supplies
  11. Office supplies
  12. Books
  13. Papers
  14. Under bed

NOTE: Due to my new job and general busy-ness I will be following up on this post at least once at the end of the 14 days instead of providing daily progress reports. If you would like to join in or view the original 40 day cleaning challenge click here. 🙂

Happy cleaning!


*1 Anna foot = 9.5″