Garden Statue

Adding a touch of class to my garden with this resin statue I found second hand! It originally came from a fountain, but who’s going to notice amiright? 😉


Mighty Macaron pt. 2

Today I tackled the mountain known as macarons!

As I mentioned in Mighty Macaron pt. 1, I used the Easy Macaron recipe from Preppy Kitchen!

Making the batter and frosting were the most time consuming parts as they had to be done in a particular order anddd… I had to start the frosting over. The sugar syrup hardened into a clump while I was boiling it. *facepalm* Note: Meat thermometers are not a substitute for candy thermometers!

After 4 hours of continuous work – finito! Macarons!

Thanks for reading!


Mighty Macaron pt 1

My silicone baking mat just arrived so the time has come for me to try my hand at making macarons! 😀

The recipe I am following along with is from Preppy Kitchen.

Today is prerequisite day! I picked up missing ingredients and prepped the egg whites. They need to age and dehydrate for 24 hours so I will be making the macarons tomorrow afternoon. I also don’t own a food processor but I know who to borrow one from!

To prep the egg whites:

  • Separate 3 egg whites from yolks
  • Cover both containers with plastic wrap
  • Poke holes in the plastic wrap for egg whites only
  • Place both whites and yolks in fridge
  • Pull out in 24 hours and let them stand until they reach room temperature
  • …to be continued

Check back tomorrow for the exciting conclusion! XD

Thanks for reading!