Nihongo Pera Pera!

Found this little gem when I was at the thrift store this evening. My sister asked me how I find the good (Japan related) books. My secret? I look through every last book! Lol! Sorry Maru – no shortcuts here!

Onomatopoeia is basically sound effects that Japanese use to describe feelings, sounds, weather etc in every day conversation. If you listen close enough to subbed anime/J-dramas you can hear onomatopoeia in action! It’s always fun to learn something new! :3

Thrifty Japanese Finds

My immediate and extended family as well as my close friends are big thrift store/second hand shoppers. We all love to stretch our dollar and to find a good deal. I personally use my “thrifty-fu” to score cool secondhand Japanese items. ;3

Below are some of the many Japanese items I’ve picked up over the years. I would love to show off all my finds – but I’m not gonna go crawling through the attic to find them. ごめんなさい… ^^;

Where do you buy most of your Japanese things?