Kotoura-san - 05 - Large 09

Left: Mitani; Center: Kotoura; Right; Manabi


While watching AMVs last night I saw a clip that interested me and checked out the corresponding series. Kotoura-san is about a little girl whose friends and family abandoned her due to her mind reading abilities. Years later when Kotoura transfers to a new school she wishes that all her classmates would ignore her like Manabi who was busy daydreaming.


Manabi’s Daydream

However when she approached his desk, the image in his mind was so bizarre it made Kotoura gasp – which got Manabi’s attention and became the starting point of his interest in her.

After finding out about her ability to read minds, Manabi fantasizes about Kotoura in sexy poses and revealing attire to draw her out of her shell …and to tease her. -_-|| And her new friends from the ESP Research club tease her mentally too.

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“You forgot the heart!”

Even though he’s a huge perv, Manabi is the comic relief that balances the constant drama in Kotoura’s life.

Depressing//Comical//Perverted = Kotoura-san