Best Day Ever

 Happy Sunday Everyone!

Yesterday my “unplanned plans” for the day fell through, so I decided to take myself out. My mission: Clothes shopping at the mall.

This may sound like no big deal… but for me it was. Due to my size I have never purchased clothes from a “mall store” and was limited to assisting my trim sisters in looking for items and holding their purses so they could try them on. Ugh… This got old really fast and I became unwilling to be a style consultant/purse holder and eventually stopped going out with them.

As I am now free from the confines of the plus size category I have been enjoying a freedom I forgot even existed; shopping in the regular clothing sections. There are so many more styles to choose from and I judge whether I’m going to purchase the item based on if I like it – not if it fits. Being confident in my now “average” size helped snag me another small victory this past week: I asked one of my coworkers where she bought her cardigan. TBH I’ve never asked anyone that question, because even if I knew where they purchase their clothes – the store wouldn’t have my size anyway. So why ask?

I drove to the mall, deliberately went straight to the store my coworker specified, grabbed a few items to try on and headed to the dressing rooms. The attendant escorted me to a room, hung up the clothes and left. I pulled on the items and looked in the mirror… See image 2/2015.


I am now fitting in mall clothes! 😀

Thanks for reading!

-Anna San



Temptation and Victory

Greetings Everyone and Happy Halloween!

This time of year is hard for weight loss with so many holiday goodies going around. However over the last few weeks I have drastically cut back on the amount of sweets that I allow into my diet, sticking mainly with fruit and sugar free snacks and have been getting a lot more decisive with my use of “No.” By combining diet and exercise I have dropped 8 pounds in the last three weeks.

Today my employer had a special treat for their employees: box after giant box of donuts, and big containers of coffee and pumpkin spice cappuccino. Mmm.

So this morning I decided I would have a donut, after all it’s Halloween right? I went down to the cafeteria got my cup of coffee and a plain donut and headed to the staircase. I made it only 10 feet when my steps came to a stop and I started staring at the donut in my hand. It was cold and dense and filled with sugar and gluten. I could already feel the weight of it in my stomach, the sugar crash and the unchecked cravings that were sure to follow. The donut now looked neither innocent nor appealing. I gulped hard. Desperate for a way out, I asked a coworker if she would split it with me. She declined. I was stuck with the whole donut.

Burdened, I dragged my feet back to my desk where the donut was promptly wrapped up into a napkin and placed in my purse so I wouldn’t think about it. This provided momentary relief but still weighed heavily on my mind. “What do I do with it? I am not going to eat it.” After a while of working I finished my coffee and threw the disposable cup away. It was then I had a sudden realization that I could do the same with my unwelcome sweet.

On my next break I walked over to the garbage can, drew it out of my purse and I threw that whole donut away, and it felt good.

Afterward I was so empowered I wrote “Donut, you will not defeat me!” in my journal and it was a breeze to decline the candy basket when it came around.

Weight loss it a battle but I am ready for the challenge. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

-Anna San