Happy Father’s Day! 2013

Happy Father’s day to all you dads out there!

Thank you for opening your arms to receiving us, taking the midnight feeding shift, letting us sip your unattended coffee and scaring away monsters in our closets. Thank you for providing for us, sharing your passion with us and teaching us right from wrong. Thank you for all that you do for us because you love us and know we are the future and we are worth it!

(I love you Dad!)



おおきに (ookini) 

Since I’ve been studying my kana regularly, I like sounding out comments written in Japanese on Youtube. Just saw this one and I’m like “Ookini? What does that mean?” So I went to Google translate and …it wasn’t helpful at all. It just told me what I already knew and didn’t offer a definition. (FAIL!) I switched over to the search engine and googled “おおきに” where I found some posts by other people who asked the same thing. “Ookini” means “thank you” in the Osakan dialect. (Knowledge increased!)

So in light of learning this new word, I would like to say:

おおきに! Thank you for all the follows, likes and comments! It really helps keep me on task to continue working towards my goal of Japan 2014!