The Fantasy Novelist’s Exam

The Fantasy Novelist’s Exam

This exam is helpful yet extremely harsh towards those who want to write a fantasy novel. I was able to squeezle my way through the exam with only two yeses which I disagree that it makes it an automatic failure and therefore a throw-away story.

  • Dwarves and elves have existed in stories far longer than LoTR and Narnia have been around.
  • “Portal stories” exist in many genres not just fantasy.

If you want to limit your reading to only two writers then be my guest but I am interested in seeing what I can come up with.


Getting Started with Rosetta!

Today I read the JLPT Challenge 2014! blog post from HaikuGirl and it got me to check it out. In case you haven’t heard of it, JLPT is the Japanese Language Proficiency Test which evaluates non-native speakers reading and listening ability the lowest level being Level 5 and the highest being Level 1.

I tried out one of the sample questions for level 5 and immediately started panicking! It was a sentence written in hiragana with a single underlined kanji that I had to correctly identify in hiragana. I can sound out hiragana pretty well – but don’t ask me what it’s supposed to mean! By sheer luck I got the question right and immediately closed the browser tab. XD

Despite revealing my woefully inadequate Japanese skills the occurrence got me to (finally) install my copy of Rosetta Stone and open up TextFugu again. And as a bonus my language buddy is set up too! :3

Have you ever tried the JLPT?