6th week!

It’s hard to believe, but this Saturday is going to be my last swimming class! Where’d the time go???

I started swimming laps last Saturday and it’s not pretty. Even though I have made sure to breathe through my mouth, I still get water up my nose and the lap ends abruptly. Not fun. Dave has been giving some suggestions about humming or ballooning my cheeks when I swim. To be honest I’m really not that great of a multi-tasker. I will give it a try however I’m also going to bring along the nose plug that came with my goggles. (It looks sooooooooo weird!!!)

Swim Gear Has Arrived!

Despite the shipping delay due to the bizarre weather patterns my swimsuit and goggles have arrived!


Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Plus Mirrored Goggles

My goggles are all blue silver and shiny. I think I will like them better when I learn how to adjust the straps tomorrow. (Yay!)

My Endurance+ swimsuit however is nothing to brag about. Sadly its only applaud point is that it technically fits. Whoo… The rouching/shirring does nothing to slim down my tum and Speedo must think that my breasts hang down to my bellybutton because that is approximately where the support cups land. -_-||

I exaggerate of course – but how it looks on doesn’t make me feel very good about myself or my effort to change my lifestyle. However I don’t have the time to keep shopping around for the perfect swimwear. So do I suck it up and accept that this is where I am at right now and keep it, or do I return it? Decisions. :/