Youmacon Day 3

Today my brother and I went back to Youmacon for more enjoyable purposes. There were a few comic panels that I wanted to attend however we missed the first one (due to misplacing my badge) so we wandered over to the dealers room for a look see. 🙂 


Little Kuriboh!!! 😀

After a little while, who did we see up close and personal? Little Kuriboh!


The poster of awesome!

My brother and I got to shake his hand, exchange a few words and got him to sign a poster!!! SQUEEE!!! XD XD XD


Soul Eater wall scroll

Afterwards we stopped at a few more booths and couldn’t resist purchasing the giant wall scroll of Death the kid! :3

By this time it was about time for the next panel and we snapped a few good cosplay shots on the way. 🙂


Stein and Miss Marie – Soul Eater


An awesome Link and Zelda cosplay!


Merida – Brave


Mario and Luigi


Dark Magician Girl – Yu-Gi-Oh!


Maka, Stein and Spirit – Soul Eater


Jack Frost – Rise of the Guardians


Webcomic Panel with Fred Gallagher – Megatokyo

The webcomic panel was laid back and quite enjoyable. Most of it was a Q & A and I found my head nodding a lot with their responses – I knew exactly what they were talking about.

Overall, my brother and I enjoyed ourselves immensely and we just might come back to Youmacon next year. 🙂


Favorite Character?

A couple years ago my brother and I watched Soul Eater for the first time. XD (It’s soo funny!) We really liked it so my brother purchased the series and we’ve been enjoying it all over again!


When I watched it last, my favorite character from Soul Eater was Death the Kid. After watching it again, he still is. Kid is so cool (hot) and powerful yet so obsessed with symmetry! I really felt that I could relate his struggles with perfectionism – though not quite to that extreme. ^^;; (Tako-san! Your leg was crocheted in the wrong spot!!! I must cut it off at once!!!) ;3

For the last few day I’ve been going on and on about how precise and thought out Kid’s sentences are. More importantly though – how does he enunciate his words that way??? I’ve been getting tongue-tied just trying to speak like him! XD

Who is your favorite character from Soul Eater?