Plan Ahead

“What would I do if my car was totaled?”

This question came up earlier this week and really concerned me. Going through 5 vehicles in the past 11 years due to mechanical failure, I’m no stranger to vehicle loss – yet I couldn’t think of a single back up plan. “Am I really that unprepared?” I asked myself.

When I opened my eyes the next morning, the question was still there. I was musing about it while I nibbled on my Kashi and yet again while packing my lunch bag. Since trying to be direct about answering the question wasn’t getting me anywhere, I decided to admit the truth of the situation. “If my car was totaled right now, I wouldn’t have the money to replace it and that would really suck because I still have to pay off my auto loan-” Lightbulb!

It was then I realized that I do have a back up plan – Full Coverage. Instant relief! But this got me thinking – I’m basically prepared for car-pocalypse but am I financially prepared for other emergency situations? >:x Yeah… no.

There are also many things I want to do, to achieve, to have… but my income isn’t limitless so how can I achieve them? I sat down, took a long hard look at my accounts and started asking myself some pointed questions. What are my most important goals? When do I want to achieve them by? What is my monthly savings goal? What sacrifices am I willing to make? How can I change my habits to stretch my dollar more?

Slowly but surely plans have been formulating as I’ve talked out my finances, and momentum has been building as I have been using up the undesirable miscellaneous foodstuffs left over from previous shoppings, resisting sale notices, and not buying anything while I’m at work.

What I am realizing:

  • I don’t need everything RIGHT NOW
  • I can MAKE DO
  • Reclaim, repurpose, reuse and recycle BEFORE replacing
  • Buying something doesn’t necessarily fix a problem

Some things that are going to be changing: Grocery shopping list is going to be simplified and I’m going to start shopping at stores that actually have sales and lower prices. I do not: need every supplement under the sun, have to try every pricey organic smoothie drink or have an expensive gym membership to be healthy. Also my Golden Year Project isn’t going to be as flashy as I originally hoped – but it will still be formative which is the whole point. 🙂

So yeah, that’s what I’ve been thinking about this week. How about you?

Thanks for reading!

-Anna San