First Swimming Class

Second session of Adult Swim lessons at the RAC!

Apparently each session doesn’t progress with your level but resets back to square one. Bummer.

Our class has a total of seven students of varying levels (Maru and I being the highest) and our instructor is a young woman named Laura who seems to have limited teaching experience. Her method is interesting which makes us continuing students wonder how adequately the new students are being taught… However just as every instructor educates differently, each person learns differently as well. That concern aside, my sister and I have already made our goals known to Laura, which is to work on our technique, build stamina, and learn new strokes. So we are headed to the lap pool next week! Can’t wait!

Thanks for reading!

-Anna San

Getting Along Swimmingly


Maru and I had our first swimming lesson this morning at the Romulus Athletic Center. The facility is very nice and it’s exterior is similarly styled to Detroit Metro Airport’s MacNamara terminal. We arrived 10 minutes to 8, however with getting our gear on and stuff stashed in a locker we were late getting out to the pool… >_>;

The class was low key with only 5 students and lead by a young male instructor named Dave.  Just having his insight about swimming basics helped me understand what I’ve been doing wrong since I took lessons as a kid. (No wonder I was always getting water up my nose!) After trying out floats, glides and backstroke, the instructor said since our class is progressing fast we will start in the lap pool next week! Can’t wait!