OMG! A Zazzle sale?!

It only took 4 1/2 years, but I’ve just received notification of my very first sale on Zazzle! ūüėĬ†


The item sold was a coffee mug featuring my pal Oni – the Wizard of Rice! I knew his cuteness would pay off someday! XD



Cute Cell Charms from Tessa-chan Designs


Lookie what arrived in the mail today! Adorable felt cell charms from Tessa-chan Designs on Etsy! They may not look it, but each one has some of the teensiest stitches I’ve ever seen and they are soo cute! (Stitching so small would try even my patience!) XD

These are totally going on my Board of Awesome!

Kawaii Onigiri Hair clips


Handmade rice ball hair clips for Youmacon~!

Today my sisters and I were working on these adorable hair clips for Youmacon! (They’re so cute!) X3 I will be offering a limited premium run of these in my Etsy shop sometime next month. Personally I would like to make the hair clips available sooner, but work takes precedence over hobby. T3T

Crazy Kawaii Onigiri~<3

In light of the upcoming anime convention, my sis Nina and I decided to refresh my kawaii onigiri with some new techniques. Of course nothing is as easy as it sounds. We had to tidy up the workspace, pull the supplies out of storage and apparently I had ¬†sold all the finished onigiri,¬†used up all the extra pieces¬†and misplaced the paper pattern…

After overcoming those obstacles, I decided to make my prototype more interesting by using polkadot fabric, neon green for the nori and magenta thread to pull it together. 


These colors won’t be used in the final product, but they are fun to work with!