Japanese Snackies~! Pocky, Ramune and did I mention Pocky???


Went to China Capital Arts yesterday at Southland Mall and picked up some Japanese sweets! Starting from the top left: Strawberry Pocky, Tropical Pocky (Mango Pineapple Flavored), a premium type Chocolate Pocky, Raspberry Ramune Soda, Choco Baby candies, and Midi Chocolate Pocky. Yum! :3



Mogumoguhamuhamu and Japanese Candy

Mogumoguhamuhamu and Japanese Candy

While visiting my family I rediscovered my sister’s adorable hamster pin. I dubbed it Mogumoguhamuhamu (after my favorite Engrish.com pic) and borrowed it for the day~! :3

I tried some different Japanese candies today. A Ramune soda flavored gummy and the other (shiyouga?) is some type of strong chewy licorice or horehound flavored center with a thin candy coating (think Good & Plenty but much nastier). Blehhh… I wish I could tell you what the Ramune one tasted like but I tried the other first and couldn’t get the taste out of my mouth! xD