Experimental Octopus

As a follow up to my reblog from yesterday, I tried out the sphere pattern by MsPremiseConclusion and … it turned into an octopus!


Introducing the Chubby the Octopus! Chubby is 1.25 inches tall and 1.5 inches wide made from 100% acrylic yarn, polyester fiberfill and acrylic safety eyes.


Tako-san and Chubby Tako ♥

(Chubby is now available on my Etsy~! :3)

Tako-san would be proud!

As I mentioned in It finally happened… I dreamt about my little amigurumi octopus Tako-san because of convention anxiety.  Too much anxiety is a bad thing, so my proactive approach was to choose one color I’d like to complete each day of this weekend.  (Friday: Red; Saturday Green; Sunday: Turquoise) In the end I finished 14 keychains!!! (Tako-san would be so proud of me!)


No I haven’t finished the 72 that I want to have available for Youmacon, but…

Progress is made by taking it one Tako-san at a time. ;3

Thanks for reading~!


Happy Labor Day! 2013: Tako-kuns, a leaf bug and a get-together

Happy Labor day everyone!

Today was a jam packed day! I recently scored a promotion at work (\^o^/) and am in need of some new duds so first thing this morning I went with my mom to Salvation Army to get in on some Labor Day sale action. (All clothing 50% off~!)

After we checked out, there on the hood of the car across from ours was a real live leaf bug!!! So cool! 😀 😀 😀 I snapped a couple pics with my mom’s cell and let it crawl up on my shoulder. Totally giddy I called out to my mom and said, “Hey Ma, can I keep it?”  Surprisingly she agreed that I could take him for a ride so I could get my camera! XD


Just chillin’ in the car.

He looks like a cross between a grasshopper, a praying mantis and a leaf. It’s just so cool!


Me and the Leaf Bug!

After a while the leaf bug got tired of the attention and flew away. I won’t forget you Bug-ly!

My brother and I also hosted a family get-together this afternoon and the shocker – all of our siblings made it! There are nine of us and have very different schedules so we usually are missing someone – but it was not the case today! 🙂 Overall everyone had a nice time and I was able to finish my stack of Tako-kuns (Poll results are in! Thank you everyone who voted!) while they were visiting.


Finished!!! :3

So much for not working on labor day eh? XD

What did you do for Labor day?