The Lord God said…

…that it is not good for the Anna to be alone. So Anna purchased four goldfish from Petco and brought them home.


Introducing Dot, Stripe, Jayce and Finn. :3

Since my last goldfish were such a bland pale gold I decided I wanted something a little more flashy and decided on four red and whites. A big thank you to Devyn at Petco for patiently retrieving 4 specific goldfish out of a tank of 200+ and removing two that were “too white”. :3

Thanks for reading!

-Anna San


I recently did something that I’ve never done before – play with a dog. My family never had a dog while I was growing up though I really really wanted one. I’ve walked dogs, researched dogs, chased down dogs, petted dogs, tied up dogs, buried the doody of dogs, been barked at chewed on and scratched by dogs, and once upon a time tried to treat our cat like a dog, but never play.



The opportunity finally came when I tagged along with my parents to visit our aged relatives last weekend. My great uncle has a 2 year old Jack Russel (if you don’t know what they look like – think “Wishbone”)  named Sammy. He is a surprisingly compact and cute dog and is full of energy. Not long after I entered their backyard, Sammy came up to me with a tennis ball in his mouth which I threw, and threw, and threw. I found the activity to be quite amusing and In the end I actually wore the dog out!

Sammy has a crippled leg and had surgery this past week and will be cooped up for about six months. So I hope he enjoyed playing as much as I did. 🙂 (Get well soon Sammy!)

Do you have good times with your pet(s)? Or get the short end of the stick?