Inuyasha “Sit boy” Bracelet


Blast from the past! Made this bracelet for Youmacon 2009 and I still think it was awesome!



Youmacon Day 1

Youmacon is in full swing my friends and I am in the thick of it! My sisters helped pull my outfit together at the last minute – which is why there hasn’t been any more cosplay posts… >_>; Overall I’m satisfied with the final product and definitely makes me feel like I am fully participating! 


Me at my booth at Youmacon 2013 (Table 114!)

Youmacon is so exciting! After being in the Artist Alley for eight hours my sisters and I packed up the table early to see the Little Kuriboh Panel (the guy who does Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series) and got to see a never before seen episode of Cr@psule Monsters! It was so funny!!! My absolute favorite part of the panel was when Little Kuriboh would answer questions from members of the audience in the voices of Malik, Yami and Tea. XD Yep he voices them all!


My Lovely Assistants! Kiki and Chihiro – I mean Maru and Nina :3

There are so many new things to see, many more people to meet and definitely more pictures to be taken! So if you’re in need of something to do, come on down to Youmacon at Cobo! Everything Anna will be back tomorrow!

Ai Ore by Mayu Shinjo

I bought this book from Borders today and was really really excited to read it. I’ve liked a variety of crossdressing shojo titles in the past such as Girl Got Game, Hana Kimi, Kill Me, Kiss Me, Ingenuo and one of my all time favorites Nosatsu Junkie. But… yeah, I didn’t like this one at all. The best part of the book is Akira’s knit kitty hat that he’s wearing on the cover and that the book is like an inch thick instead of the standard 3/4″. I can’t even read it again, it’s just that bad. 😦